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How I Use My CirriCommit Time

Here at Cirrico we’re really passionate about helping not-for-profit organisations change people’s lives and make a real difference to the world, and so we give everyone on the team an opportunity to do that as well through our volunteering scheme CirriCommit.

CirriCommit Through OnHand

CirriCommit is our way of giving back, each member of the team gets a couple of days a year to use as they choose, to volunteer and support charities or not-for-profits who focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The team can source their own volunteering and help out wherever they feel, specifically to help with the improving the following: climate action, quality education, gender equality and quality education and responsible consumption and production;  Cirrico encourages everyone to seek out the chance to make their own impact, make a difference  and feel good about themselves in doing so.

We know that volunteering can be difficult though, it can take time to find something you’re really interested in and sometimes there’s barriers to volunteering; such as requiring more than two days of time to really make an impact, a charity may need a more semi-permanent role or struggling to find opportunities that match up with your schedule.

We recently solved that problem by signing up with the OnHand team. OnHand is an all-in-one app to help employees engage in local volunteering & climate action; it’s really simple to!

The core reason we went with OnHand is due to their easily accessible app that can be downloaded off of any app store and takes seconds to sign up and start doing some good! Once I’m logged in I can quickly start accepting “missions” which range from being bitesize tasks to longer ones that need a little more organisation and commitment, some of the one’s I’ve already completed are:

  • Dropping food at the food bank whenever I go shopping
  • Donating clothes I no longer need
  • Watching bitesize talks about global warming, mental health etc.
  • Pledging to wash my clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40
  • Pledging to hang washing out instead of using the tumble dryer

The wealth of missions available is endless, meaning there should be something for everyone. For each mission completed, you get “Hero Points” and the more points you accumulate, OnHand will start planting trees in our own little “Cirrico Garden” out there in a forest. We’re up to 108 tree’s at the moment and not stopping! Also did I mention badges? You get badges for being amazing!


It’s early days for us, but OnHand has been such a useful tool because it enables the team to do some good in small portions of time either during a break or in their own time;I love the fact that giving to the food bank has now become a habit of mine when I shop, meaning each time I’m helping someone. I can’t wait to start completing missions by giving blood, making phone calls to the elderly who may be isolated and would like a quick chat and donating electronics that I don’t need any more.

I’m also planning to book out a whole day using our CirriCommit scheme and spend the day litter picking around my estate and the parks that surround it. It’s a big mission worth a lot of points and certainly makes a huge difference.


Interested in joining OnHand?

The team at OnHand are also really supportive and helpful, they’ve a library of content that can be used to help launch the app and keep it on people’s radars; along with a lovely team of people who’re always available to answer any questions.

So if you’re also looking for an easier way to volunteer and make a difference, then check out OnHand today and think of all the amazing things you can do!

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How I Use My CirriCommit Time

Here at Cirrico we’re really passionate about helping not-for-profit organisations change people’s lives and make a real difference to the world, and so we give everyone on the team an opportunity to do that as well through our volunteering scheme CirriCommit.

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