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Webinar: When to Upgrade to Salesforce Marketing Cloud from Mailchimp?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engage is widely regarded as the world’s premier platform for engaging, personalising and tracking response to marketing activity. But for every marketer who is fortunate enough to get buy-in from their CFO or CIO to migrate to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there are five who struggle to upsell the benefits of switching and are unable to specify the pain points of sticking with the limited tools they currently have. 

We get it – it’s challenging to convince non-marketers of the key reasons to migrate, particularly when it seems as though every marketing platform (including Mailchimp) is in an AI-arms race. Marketers are bombarded with impressive new feature releases from marketing platforms of all shapes and sizes, giving the impression that there is a level playing field. This just isn’t true.

So, if you find yourself in this position, this webinar is for you. 

Over the course of an hour, Dan Elman, Cirrico’s Practice Lead for Marketing Cloud will arm you with all of the practical  details to make Salesforce Marketing Cloud upsell a breeze. 

We will share:

  • Five key reasons to migrate from Mailchimp (or similar marketing platforms)
    • Limitations vs Possibilities
  • Six pre-migration considerations
    • To ensure a smooth transition
  • The five stages of a successful migration
    • To reassure decision makers and change management leaders

Plus, you’ll get a breakdown of:

  • Migration costs
  • Expected timeline
  • Ramp down / up process
  • Training needs

Discover why upgrading to Salesforce Marketing Cloud could be a massive boost for your growing nonprofit, educational institute or commercial marketing operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Dan’s experience and ask questions. 

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Webinar: When to Upgrade to Salesforce Marketing Cloud from Mailchimp?

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Webinar: When to Upgrade to Salesforce Marketing Cloud from Mailchimp?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engage is the leading platform for engaging, personalising, and tracking marketing responses. Yet, many marketers struggle to persuade their CFO or CIO to migrate to this platform, especially with numerous impressive feature releases from other platforms like Mailchimp creating a misconception of equality.

Join our webinar to learn the five key reasons to migrate, understand the limitations versus possibilities, consider pre-migration steps, and discover the stages of a successful migration. Presented by Dan Elman, Cirrico’s Practice Lead for Marketing Cloud.

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