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Streamlining the Grant Making Process with Salesforce

Grant making enables organisations to support and fund projects that create positive social impact. However, managing the grant making process can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, Salesforce offers powerful tools and features specifically designed to streamline and optimise the grant making process. Cirrico understands how Salesforce can transform the way grant makers operate, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and impact.

Centralised Grant Management

Salesforce provides grant makers with a centralised platform to manage all aspects of the grant making process. From initial application submission to final reporting, every stage can be streamlined and tracked within a single system. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork and disparate spreadsheets, saving time and increasing data accuracy.



Efficient Application Process

Salesforce offers customisable online application forms, making it easier for grant seekers to submit their proposals. These forms can be tailored to capture specific information and requirements, ensuring a standardised and efficient application process. Grant makers can automate workflows, track application progress, and collaborate seamlessly with reviewers, simplifying the entire process and reducing administrative burden.


Enhanced Collaboration and Review

With Salesforce, grant makers can streamline collaboration among team members and external reviewers. Assigning tasks, sharing documents, and communicating feedback can all be managed within the platform. Real-time collaboration fosters efficient communication, ensures transparency, and expedites the review process, ultimately saving time and expediting funding decisions.


Automated Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence on grant applicants is a critical step in the grant making process. Salesforce allows grant makers to automate due diligence workflows, simplifying tasks such as background checks, financial analysis, and compliance verification. By automating these processes, grant makers can ensure consistency, reduce manual effort, and focus on evaluating the merit and impact of each proposal.


Performance Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Salesforce’s reporting and analytics capabilities enable grant makers to monitor grantee performance and assess the impact of funded projects. Customisable dashboards and reports provide real-time insights into project outcomes, financial management, and compliance. This data-driven approach allows grant makers to track progress, measure impact, and make informed decisions about future funding, saving time and enabling evidence-based grant making.


Salesforce offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimise the grant making process for grant makers.A Salesforce implementation from Cirrico can revolutionise the way grants are managed, benefiting communities and society as a whole.

Are you interested in implementing Salesforce for your nonprofit?

Cirrico are Salesforce experts, especially when it comes to the nonprofit space. If you are interested in implementing Salesforce, then you are in the perfect place. Contact the experts at Cirrico for more information.

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