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Managed Services From Cirrico - What is it?

A Managed Services package from Cirrico provides nonprofits with a bespoke support package which helps empower their staff, ensuring they get the best out of their Salesforce system. A Managed Service package from Cirrico provides nonprofits with a set number of hours of support for a month, these hours can be utilised in whatever way provides the most benefit to a nonprofit.

Reactive Support:

Cirrico’s Managed Services packages provide nonprofits with quick access to reactive support. This ensures that a nonprofits critical Salesforce systems will be quickly solved if issues arise, making sure that teams are never without their powerful systems.


A Dedicated Consultant:

Nonprofits gain access to a dedicated consultant when working with Cirrico through a Managed Services package. They will work to understand the nonprofits objectives, building a technology roadmap showing how Cirrico can develop the nonprofits Salesforce platform to accelerate their impact. We deliver the right changes at the right moment, ensuring they have the maximum impact on a nonprofits Salesforce platform.


Configuration and Development:

We deliver exactly what nonprofits require, building out a bespoke monthly package specific to the nonprofits needs. This constant progress with a monthly iterative approach, ensures that the nonprofit stays up to date with any Salesforce release notes whilst also constantly keeping the nonprofit moving forwards.


Access To All Our Experts:

The team at Cirrico have hundreds of projects under their belts, providing them with extensive knowledge which allows them to understand how best to support a nonprofit. No matter the size, industry or their experience with Salesforce. The team at Cirrico also collectively have 100+ Salesforce certifications, meaning that they can provide support no matter what Salesforce technology the nonprofit uses.


Virtual Administrator or Increased Capabilities:

There are nonprofits who have Salesforce but don’t have their own internal admin. For those organisations we act as their administrator, ensuring the platform continues to work smoothly whilst also improving all business processes. In other circumstances nonprofits do have their own administrator, in these cases we increase their capabilities and offer cost effective solutions to scaling their team. This allows them to do more without hiring large teams of people.


If you require support with your Salesforce system then contact the experts at Cirrico. Whether you’re looking for a solution that looks after all of your Salesforce systems upkeep or need a solution that works in tandem with your internal team, we have the solution for you.

Interested in Salesforce support?

If you’re interested in a Managed Service package from Cirrico, or just have some questions regarding Managed Services then contact the experts at Cirrico!

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