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Cirrico is proud to work with companies of all shapes and sizes; utilising cloud technology to drive progress. Read how we’ve helped organisations large and small across nonprofit, education and responsible business sectors.

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One Young World – Technology to Accelerate Young Leaders Voices to Create Lasting Impact

Saving huge amounts of time was a priority for One Young World, while accelerating their global impact through young leaders around the world. Curious? Read here.

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The Passage – Improving the Donor experience with Salesforce

If you’re wanting to perhaps grow your fundraising, if you’re having that challenge of needing to increase your revenue then Salesforce is going to give you the tools and the platform to be able to do that more effectively.” – Read Emma Noble’s story – Fundraising Director at The Passage

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Jigsaw – Saving time and Increasing Fundraising Impacts Through Salesforce

“Working with Cirrico was a dream, we now save 20+ hours on one task to give us more time to fundraise thanks to Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack”

Curious? Read the amazing story here.

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StreetVet – Increasing Efficiency with the Nonprofit Success Pack

Creating a digital transformation for one of the UK’s leading homlessness animal charities

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The Goal: Scaling programmes And Fundraising Through Salesforce

Street Soccer Scotland have helped 22,000 homeless people change their lives, and recently Cirrico helped them gain one single source of truth through Salesforce to accelerate change and have even more impacts – the results are incredible- read the story to find out more…

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Creating HUGE Impacts For Bipolar UK – Saving Time, Lives, Resources

Conor Butcher, Fundraising and Data Officer at Bipolar UK chatted to Laura Croudace Technology Impact Evangelist from Cirrico about they’d worked together on Bipolar UK’s transformative technology journey and helped how Cirrico created Salesforce systems making them a truly digital first organisation.

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Auditory Verbal – Scaling Impact for Success!

Laura Croudace our Technology Impact Evangelist interviews Gary Rainbird – Auditory Verbal UK on the journey to implementing Salesforce, the impacts new technology has had, and how it’s future- proofing their organisation

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The art of innovation: La Napoule Art Foundation kickstarts its five-year plan with Salesforce

Leaving behind their paper-based systems, the Foundation now has a real-time, single view of every pertinent piece of information within the business, meaning that manual tasks are reduced, and daily activities are far more efficient. The system will grow as the business grows, meaning that it will stand the test of time as the foundation expands its reach and impact within the arts world and beyond.

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Putting data to work: Workplace skills charity saves time with new data management

Learning to work now has a state-of-the-art data management system that syncs every process of supporting young people, every step of the way. The new technology sets a clear path towards even further growth and will scale up as the charity does.

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