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The Passage - Improving the Donor experience with Salesforce

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For the past 40 years, The Passage has been based in the heart of Westminster, providing practical support and a wide range of services to help transform the lives of people who are street homeless. We are guided by our Vincentian values and offer our clients the resources and solutions to end their homelessness for good, including routes to employment, benefits and accommodation. We run a modern Resource Centre in Victoria, three residential and resettlement projects, outreach and health services, homelessness prevention schemes and a pioneering modern slavery referral programme.

When Cirrico started working with The Passage we understood that there were a few key areas that were important to them;

  • They wanted a solution that would have a transformational impact on the organisation.
  • A long term solution that would provide them with a much better view of their supporters data and information.
  • A secure and reliable system to hold data in one place in the cloud to save them time and enable remote working of all of the data being held on one online system.

Before working with Cirrico, The Passage was using an older model of Salesforce to record interactions with their individual supporters. For all other areas of income generation, they were using spreadsheets and offline solutions which were time consuming and not shared centrally. They knew that in order to improve the experience of their supporters as well as to create efficiencies,  they needed a technology solution that would provide them with a platform where all of their data is in one place. They hoped that this would provide them with a better view of their supporter base and that this would significantly benefit the fundraising team.


The team at Cirrico ran a Define and Plan session with The Passage to learn more about the way they wanted to create more impact, what was important to them in terms of different users in the organisation getting what they needed from the technology implemented, and also what their pain points were in terms of where people tended to spend most of their time trying to use technology to enable their work.

Cirrico implimented Non- Profit Success Pack, and Accounting Sub-ledger to bring all of The Passage’s visions to life for creating a joined up, inspiring donor experience.

What the implementation process was like, hear from Emma Noble Director of Income Generation and Communication:

“Working with Cirrico, especially Janaid, was super! He became one of the team. We loved working with people who had worked in the nonprofit space themselves, who understood our challenges and could give us tangible and clear ideas of how we can use Salesforce. We found that involving our own team from day one was brilliant as it really got under the bonnet of the organisation and what we needed. Janaid was able to give us different options, and information which enabled us to make clear decisions on what was right for our organisation in terms of budget, time frame, resource and most importantly the impacts the tech would have”


Summary and Impacts for The Passage

At Cirrico we are laser-focused on ensuring that we work with clients in bespoke ways, we tailor every project to the clients needs so that we have solutions that are right for them. Nonprofits are so different from each other and we understand that people are on different journeys, have different levels of data, and also have different understandings of how you can use technology to empower your organisation. Emma shared “If you’re wanting to perhaps grow your fundraising, if you’re having that challenge of needing to increase your revenue then Salesforce is going to give you the tools and the platform to be able to do that more effectively.”

We are also passionate about our clients using their new technology to empower their relationships, as Emma says “If you don’t understand your data, you don’t understand who your supporters are”



What impact would Salesforce have on your organisation?

 Emma shares the impact from her view as Director of Income Generation and Communications:

“One of the big changes and improvements that we now have is a seamless flow of information from when a supporter clicks on our website and decides they want to get involved. That information now tracks directly through to our database and it means that we can start to engage with that supporter”. As The Passage can now clearly see all their supporter data they can improve their donor journeys and stewardship experience.

Emma also said “It’s a big step forward for us to now have a way of being able to personalise and customise a supporter’s experience;  they are at the heart of everything we do and we want them to know the impact they are making as without them, we would not be able to carry out our vital work for people who are homeless. Salesforce enables us to send out bespoke and segmented communications to our supporters – it’s a much more personalised approach in response to our supporters needs and preferences.

If we didn’t have Salesforce, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with our donors and supporters in a way that genuinely resonates with them.”



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