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FaithInvest - Investing In Their Technology For The Future

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Members can now easily connect and interact with each other and FaithInvest via the portal created.
The portal created provides FaithInvest with the perfect platform for the organisation to grow.
The portal easily connects to the Salesforce database FaithInvest already installed.

FaithInvest help religious groups and individuals invest in line with their values, they support the faiths who are actively using their investments to create a better world for the people and the planet. FaithInvests’ aim is to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent, values-driven investing worldwide.

FaithInvest builds bridges between faiths; between religious leaders, investment leaders and to the wider faith community. They provide a network which allows for faith investment decision makers to share their experiences, best practices and the challenges they face when making investments. FaithInvest also assists faiths in creating and developing faith-consistent investment policies and guidelines, this ensures that their assets are aligned with their faith values.

When Cirrico started working with Faith Invest we understood that there were a few important key areas that were important to them;

They wanted a technological solution that would allow members to connect and interact, that was ideally connected to their extensive Salesforce database.

They wanted something scalable and sustainable which would  provide them with huge impact long term.

They wanted a technological solution that would help aid them in achieving their vision.


At the very beginning FaithInvest met with Cirrico with the goal of creating a technological solution  that would allow them to create a platform for member faith organisations to connect on via an online portal. From the start of the project it was very clear just how integral the portal would be to FaithInvests’ future.

FaithInvest were looking for a technological solution that would allow their members to connect with each other, share information on their service providers, collaborate and share research on faith-investing topics, register for working groups and events, and other collaborative activities, and Cirrico was completely on board to bring their vision to life with the right technology.


At Cirrico we pride ourselves on ensuring that implementations run smoothly, are strategic when using clients time and also have a focus on training people  in organisations as we build so they can upskill as quickly as possible.

Recently we  asked about the process of working with Cirrico when speaking with  Mathew Jensen, Membership  Engagement at FaithInvest. Mathew said “Killian and Janaid took the time to understand FaithInvest, and how the portal would contribute to the success of FaithInvest. They really did understand just how vital the the portal was and what they created is fantastic, it’s going to be integral to FaithInvest moving forward”

When FaithInvest first started working with Cirrico Mathew shared that they had some specific needs and had a idea of what they wanted and worked with us to ensure they got the best return on the investment for their project.

Mathew said:  “We had a list of all the specifications and requirements we needed, Janaid really showed us what solutions would work best and how they could be customised for FaithInvest, which showed us the value of having a Define and Plan with Cirrico, we were able to do so much more because of that”


A Define and Plan is a really useful way of ensure that clients working with Cirrico get what they are looking for right the first time by spending a set amount of money and time on the planning stage to look at everything an organisation needs in order to be successful, and also together we work out what are the most important areas for ensuring you accelerate change through technology, and our Salesforce  Consultants advise on creative and user-friendly ways of using the technology for each client in a bespoke way. 

Mathew really stressed just how important the early stages of working with Cirrico were, specifically the define and plan stage. He stated “At the very start of the process we underwent a Define and Plan and this was vital to the success of the implementation. During this stage in the Define and Plan we spoke with Cirrico’s Senior Saleforce Consultant, Janaid Iqbal  and Account Executive Killian Sheehan and together they really helped us understand exactly what was possible and helped Cirrico understand exactly what we were looking for. This was a hugely important step in our journey and it is definitely worth taking the time to undergo a define and plan, if not you will definitely pay for it in the future as the implementation would not be smooth”


At Cirrico we are fully focused on delivering bespoke solutions to our clients, ensuring that the solutions are unique and tailored to our clients exact needs. We understand that all nonprofits are different, they vary in size, where they are on their journey, the type of data they are handling and much more. 

When asked how Mathew found working with Cirrico, he stated “Janaid fully immersed himself in FaithInvest and understood what we were wanting to achieve, this was a huge reason as to why the development of the portal was successful, this is going to mean FaithInvest is able to help so many people collaborate around the world in a meaningful way enabling FaithInvest to be a bridge to so many investors working on social missions”.



How has Salesforce made a difference to Faith Invest?

The specific technology solution that FaithInvest required used multiple third party apps to help customise the solution. FaithInvests’ tech stack included NonProfit Success Pack, Salesforce Labs CMS, AC Blogs, AC Membership Directory, AC Events and AC Ideas.

FaithInvest is still at the start of its journey and is growing at a fast rate, therefore it was vitally important that the technology FaithInvest had would also be scalable and continue to benefit the organisation as they grow. When asked how the technology would benefit FaithInvest, Mathew said “The portal that has been built is going to be integral to the development and the future of FaithInvest. It will allow us to do so much more, and allow our members to connect easily. This will really help us achieve our goals.”


We work with nonprofits of every size and type, we love hearing from our clients what their advice would be to other nonprofits.

When we asked Mathew what his advice would be to other nonprofits he said:

“Working with Cirrico has set up FaithInvest to continue to grow and really execute on our mission. I would tell other nonprofits that taking the big step and getting the technology they need would help them massively. It would provide the platform for nonprofits to build on and really accelerate their progress.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help your nonprofit accelerate change we’d love to chat to you about the possibilities.