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Jigsaw - Saving time and Increasing Fundraising Impacts Through Salesforce

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Capitalised on the Salesforce technology they had implemented in 2016 to make it bespoke for Jigsaw’s needs
Reports can now be pulled simply and quickly, a task that would previously have taken multiple hours
Salesforce is now customised and personalised to Jigsaw, providing Jigsaw with all resources they need to run efficiently day to day

Jigsaw was founded in 2006, their vision is for an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported. In 2018 they developed a new strategy which provided Jigsaw with a mission containing three objectives. The first objective is to influence change, Jigsaw aims to be a strong voice influencing public policy and conversation through an evidence informed approach. They also aim to deliver robust research and evidence to better inform systems change and effective service delivery, and to increase our collective understanding of youth mental health. They also aim to communicate Jigsaws prevention and early intervention approach to youth mental health.

The second objective Jigsaw has is to strengthen communities. They aim to do this by increasing awareness of the collective role of communities in supporting young people’s mental health, enhance the mental health literacy of the entire population, improve their collaboration and partnerships with other services to create a more integrated system of mental health for young people, and build the confidence and competence of young people, their families, communities and to support young people’s mental health. 

Their third objective is to deliver services. Jigsaw aim to provide an early intervention mental health service for 12-25 year olds in their communities, ensure their services are accessible, visible, effective, inclusive and timely, evolve and enhance the Jigsaw services for young people, open additional Jigsaw services so more young people can assess the service in their local community, and develop online mental health supports for young people, their families and those around them.


When Cirrico started working with Jigsaw we understood that there were a few important key areas that were important to them;


  • Make the most out of Salesforce capabilities and personalise Salesforce to Jigsaws needs
  • They wanted something scalable and sustainable which would  provide them with huge impact long term
  • They wanted to have the correct members of staff trained with Salesforce, allowing Jigsaw to work more efficiently


Before working with Cirrico Jigsaw were struggling to make the most out of the Salesforce technology that they had implemented in 2016, this is due to the fact that their staff were not sufficiently trained and did not know how to get the most out of Salesforce for Jigsaw.

Elaine O’Dowd, Campaign Admin at Jigsaw, said that “We used to spend multiple hours a week doing our bulk uploads, adding contacts one by one. Now that can be done in five minutes”.

This shows that Jigsaw were previously not maximising the use of Salesforce for themselves, showcasing just how important correctly training the members of staff who will use Salesforce is.



Jigsaw came to Cirrico looking for help regarding training their staff on how to use Salesforce and how to get the best out of Salesforce for Jigsaw. To help train the staff at Jigsaw Sam Fenn, Senior Salesforce Consultant, provided training for staff over Zoom. This meant that the training sessions could also be recorded, allowing the Jigsaw staff to review the sessions so that they can learn at their own pace, and go back to things if they need a second look. When asked how the training sessions with Sam were, Elaine said that “It’s been an absolute pleasure and we’ve learnt so much”

It also means that it is an investment in training that can be re-used when new team members join Jigsaw the bank of content that Sam created can be reused and this is a huge training cost saving to the charity. 


At Cirrico we are totally focused on ensuring that the solutions we provide to our clients are bespoke and tailored to their exact needs.

We understand that every nonprofit will be at different stages of their journey, having different levels of data, and have different understandings of how technology can be used to empower an organisation. Elaine shared:

“Working with Cirrico was a dream, from the first email with Grace to the first meeting with Mark and then getting set up with Sam, the entire team has been instrumental in helping Jigsaw achieve it’s fundraising mission, and thanks to Cirrico’s team knowing so much about the nonprofit sector, and really feeling a part of the Jigsaw team it’s given us so much knowledge of what we can do with Salesforce as a nonprofit and fundraising team, one thing in particular that we love is that Sam showed us how to do bulk uploads of people who want to support Jigsaw,  which previously took 20+ hours each time we did it, so it’s saved us countless hours”


As an organisation driven by impact we asked Elaine what the  biggest impacts have been so far on the work that Cirrico carried out for Jigsaw, and what the best part of having Salesforce is for them, and the impact Salesforce has had.

“I would say that our Salesforce is a lot more personalised now after the sessions with Sam than it ever was before”. The training sessions that Sam carried out with Jigsaw has allowed Elaine and the team at Jigsaw to feel a lot more comfortable using the platform, Elaine stated that, “I used to be terrified of getting something wrong on Salesforce incase it caused a problem later down the line, now I log on everyday and I can pull reports up for my manager with no issue”.

When asked how working with Cirrico has benefited Jigsaw, Elaine said that “Cirrico completely changed our use of Salesforce to get more out of day to day activities. Pulling reports was a huge thing for us that we can now do with our eyes closed”.


We work with organisations of every size and type and love understanding from our customers what advice they would give to other nonprofits. We see the power technology can provide everyday with our clients, we asked Elaine what her advice would be to other nonprofits.

Elaine highlighted the importance of training and how having the correct members of staff sufficiently trained is key. Elaine stated that “It’s like having a Bentley just for show, but not knowing how to drive it, having Salesforce is the most incredible tool for nonprofits but if you don’t do any training you can’t get the best out of it, and that is what Cirrico have enabled us to do,”

Cirrico are passionate about taking you on a journey to enable your organisation wherever you are on your Salesforce journey to get the best experience, and Elaine’s story  shows how vital training is to help get the most out of Salesforce.

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