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Build Stronger Communities with Experience Cloud

If you’re part of a nonprofit, you know that your mission to bring about positive change isn’t a solitary task. It requires the collective effort of dedicated individuals, volunteers, donors, and the communities you serve. Now, imagine the power of leveraging digital tools to create a network that’s engaged, connected, and proactive. Welcome to Salesforce’s Experience Cloud

What is Experience Cloud?

Formerly known as Community Cloud, Salesforce’s Experience Cloud is a platform designed to facilitate the creation of intuitive, engaging digital experiences. It provides a robust suite of features to help organisations build branded sites, portals, forums, and mobile apps. This is the ideal tool to empower every member of your community, from staff to volunteers, donors to beneficiaries.


Why choose Experience Cloud for your nonprofit?

Experience Cloud offers an incredible opportunity to cultivate an integrated digital ecosystem that simplifies your nonprofit’s operations while improving engagement. Let’s explore the benefits.

Enhanced collaboration

Experience Cloud facilitates seamless collaboration among staff, volunteers, donors, and community members. They can share ideas, solve problems together, and collaborate on projects, effectively turning your nonprofit into a cohesive, dynamic community.

Improved communication

The platform enables real-time communication, making interactions with staff, volunteers, and donors more engaging and efficient. This includes personalised, automated communications, like newsletters or donation acknowledgments, saving time and effort while improving outreach effectiveness.



Greater transparency

Experience Cloud allows your community members to access relevant data, updates, and events. By sharing your nonprofit’s achievements and ongoing projects, you foster a culture of transparency, ultimately increasing trust and fostering long-term commitment.

Resource optimisation

Experience Cloud aids in resource management, as well. Tasks such as volunteer management, event coordination, and donor engagement can all be streamlined and optimised. This allows for improved efficiencies and an enhanced focus on your core mission.


Working with Cirrico

As a Salesforce implementation partner focused on nonprofits, Cirrico possesses the unique expertise to guide your organisation in leveraging Experience Cloud to its full potential. We understand the complexities and challenges nonprofits face and have a track record of tailoring Salesforce’s powerful solutions to meet these specific needs. 


Experience Cloud is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst that empowers you to strengthen your community, improve engagement, increase transparency, and optimise your resources. With Cirrico as your Salesforce partner, you can leverage this potential and transform your organisation into a digital powerhouse.

Interested in creating impactful communities?

Let’s create more impactful communities, drive positive change, and work towards a better world together. Reach out to Cirrico today, and let’s begin this transformative journey.