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The Benefits of Migrating from Nonprofit Success Pack to Nonprofit Cloud

In the dynamic world of Salesforce solutions, nonprofits have been well catered to with products like the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Yet, Salesforce continues to innovate, and the introduction of Nonprofit Cloud has marked a significant stride forward in nonprofit technology solutions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the unique benefits of Nonprofit Cloud and why it represents a promising upgrade from NPSP for many organisations.

Understanding the Nonprofit Success Pack

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) has long been a cornerstone of Salesforce’s offerings for nonprofits. It provides a suite of tools that help organizations manage donors, track programs, and maintain constituent relationships. It’s a reliable, proven product that has served as the backbone of many nonprofits’ operations.


The Emergence of Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud represents a new era of nonprofit management tools, bringing several advanced capabilities and enhancements over the NPSP:

– Advanced Analytics: Nonprofit Cloud includes sophisticated analytics features, helping organisations track their impact and measure their success more effectively than ever before.

– Omnistudio: This feature empowers nonprofits to create digital-first experiences tailored to their industry. From volunteer onboarding to event registration, Omnistudio offers dynamic user experiences that streamline repetitive tasks.

– Life Events and Milestones: Nonprofit Cloud allows organisations to track significant milestones in their constituents’ lives, helping them deepen their connection with their supporters and clients.

– Accounting Subledger: A feature designed to improve financial management, the Accounting Subledger streamlines the accounting process and provides better visibility into an organisation’s financial data.

– Person Accounts: Nonprofit Cloud introduces a more flexible way of managing relationships with constituents. Unlike in NPSP where every contact is automatically part of a related household, Nonprofit Cloud makes householding optional and allows for tracking various types of relationships.


Why Choose Nonprofit Cloud Over NPSP?

The decision to transition from NPSP to Nonprofit Cloud should be based on an organisation’s specific needs and circumstances. However, there are several compelling reasons why Nonprofit Cloud is an excellent innovation for many nonprofits:

– Holistic Approach: Nonprofit Cloud combines all necessary components into a single product, rather than selling each component separately. This approach allows to utilise more of’s capabilities without reinventing the wheel.

– Powerful Features: Nonprofit Cloud brings a range of powerful features across contacts & account management, program & service tracking, program participant profiles, assessments, and Automations.

– Future-Proof: Salesforce is investing heavily in Nonprofit Cloud, and although some features may be on the roadmap, they represent a commitment to future growth and development.


Nonprofit Cloud stands as a testament to Salesforce’s ongoing commitment to nonprofit organisations. While NPSP has served nonprofits admirably, the advanced features and capabilities of Nonprofit Cloud illustrate why it’s an exciting innovation in the realm of nonprofit technology.

Are you interested in implementing Salesforce for your nonprofit?

At Cirrico, a Salesforce Consultancy focused on nonprofit organisations, we’re dedicated to helping nonprofits navigate these choices and implement the solutions that best meet their needs. Whether you’re considering a move to Nonprofit Cloud or simply want to learn more about your options, we’re here to help.

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