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The Holistic Approach To Modern Working: Staff Wellness

Senior Salesforce Consultant, Alex Reed shares his view of working at Cirrico and the holistic approach we have to supporting wellness and staff at work.

Moving on from a role you’re used to, love doing and working with people you’ve really gotten to know and consider friends can be a hard decision to make. So, taking that next big step in your career path can be made much easier by the obvious; a nice salary, new responsibilities, challenges and a great working environment. But often, we don’t pay much attention to what benefits and perks that may come with the role. These can be overlooked, sometimes because we’re too busy pondering how awesome our new role is going to be, what our new desk setup will look like and what we should wear on the first day?!?!?

But benefits are important, they’re the cherry on top that can really make you feel welcomed to a new team and from day one really makes you feel like you’re being taken care of.

See, Companies in the tech industry are now starting to offer some really incredible benefits for their staff, and here at Cirrico it’s no different! We have some great perks we can take advantage of over the year or each month, which are available for all members of staff.

Below, I’m going to name a few of my favorites and why they really help our culture thrive and make us really feel like we’re part of one big family dedicated to doing our best every day.

Healthy food programme

This one is pretty straightforward, who doesn’t like food! This benefit is to help us buy food that is more sustainable, responsible, and to support healthy eating. We get an allocated amount to spend each month from a list of vendors that have been vetted to ensure it’s all sustainably sourced. This is one of my favourite benefits by far, we’ve quite a few vendors but I stick with Mindful Chef and get two dinner meals delivered each week. My wife and I have a 10 month old crawling around and causing havoc, so knowing we have something that’s easy to put together and incredibly tasty is a huge win for us (especially when the urge to order a takeaway is there)…



Vitality is a service that gives us access to a wealth of benefits along with a number of incentives. As soon as you join Cirrico you get access to your own vitality account and dashboard. The most important benefit from vitality is the private health insurance, which covers a variety of medical treatments and mental health services. The service also provides discounts on smart watches and other aids for healthy living, and that smart watch can be linked to the vitality app to sync your steps which then unlocks additional discounts on things like hotels and reduces your excess amount. Vitality has been a wonderful benefit, knowing that I have access to private medical care if I need it and the discounts I can earn for the more active I am just spurs me on!


Personal development days

To give us a breather between projects and to ensure we’re continuing to learn and develop our knowledge around Salesforce products and other subjects that are useful to our day to day, Cirrico gives us dedicated days to do exactly that! Each day is booked into our schedule and as I mentioned, allows us to focus on what’s important to our own development. It could be grabbing a few trailhead badges, prepping for a Salesforce Certification, doing some R&D on a third party tool to understand it better or writing a blog (which is exactly what I’m doing now)… 


Wellbeing budget

Finally, my favourite benefit. The wellbeing budget is a monthly budget we’re allocated to spend on anything that helps our own wellbeing. I’ve suffered with mental health issues for many years now, and it really means alot to me knowing that Cirrico cares for our wellbeing as well, and wants to ensure we’re taking care of ourselves. I’ve used this a number of times now on massages, a monthly subscription to the meditation “Calm” app and I recently just purchased a couple of plants for my office using the budget to add a little life and colour to the place, I’m a bit of a plant novice to hopefully I can keep them alive! But that’s why this is my favourite benefit, being able to freely use it on whatever helps us keep mentally fit is a really huge thing.

So, those are my favourite. We have a few more for new starters such as a tech and home office budget then our pension and holiday scheme, along with the ones I’ve mentioned add up to a pretty impressive package.

For what Cirrico offers, these benefits are not just a nice plus point to working at an already wonderful place but a confirmation that they really do care about our health and that we take the time to use these to our advantage. It makes a huge impact on the culture and how we work and makes us feel like we’re part of an ever-evolving family. For me personally. Knowing there’s a range of benefits I can access every month has kept my morale and passion for working at Cirrico at a high!


Written by Alex Reed, Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cirrico.

Alex is  really passionate about helping others, be it through sharing skills and knowledge to just being someone to talk to or offer advice. He says “I love working with a team of people who feel the same and working on the not for profit cloud gives me the opportunity to work with so many people who share those values and are focused on changing the world.”

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and follow him for more posts and interesting Salesforce views and ideas.


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