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Cirrico wins Summit Status Award

We have exciting news! After completing hundreds of projects for organisations of every size and type, Cirrico has been awarded the highest Salesforce Partner award: Partner Summit Tier.

How did we get this award?

After every customer project is complete Salesforce send a Customer Satisfaction survey to the lead individual who works within their organisation.

Measuring customer satisfaction is vital to understanding the feedback, opportunities to be more impactful and how we can create better relationships with customers. With the help of surveys and tools like the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), it also helps customers choose their Salesforce partner.

Cirrico is also graded on it’s commitment to equality, taking part in the Talent Alliance allowing people from different backgrounds to join our organisation and create more diversity, as well as our commitment to being a sustainable company and having healthy practices in place.

As Cirrico is aligned to 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we work tirelessly to ensure we create as much impact on these areas as possible.


Cirrico is proud to announce that in December we were awarded the highest level possible, the Summit level.

As a Salesforce Summit Partner, (previously called Platinum Partner) we help our customers become more agile, more impactful and have a huge focus on ROI to unleash the full potential of Salesforce in your organisation while managing and transforming your digital architecture and educating your team along the way so they get the best training so they are ready to go on the day the project is launched.

To read more about Cirrico and reviews visit our AppExchange page

Janaid Iqbal, Pre-Sales Consultant at Cirrico said:

“Becoming a Salesforce Summit tier partner showcases that our skilful and diverse team have been successfully completing a wide variety of projects across multiple clouds at an exceptionally high standard. This proves that Cirrico is one of the elite partners when it comes to helping our clients successfully make an impact within the NonProfit, and Responsible Business sectors.”

As well as being a Summit Partner, we were also awarded the following specialist awards by Salesforce:

– Non Profit Expert Award
– Fundraising Specialist
– Program Management  Specialist
– Engagement Specialist
– Grantmaking Specilaist



As Cirrico becomes the leading partner in all areas of impact, helping nonprofits grow, scale and raise more money and businesses with purpose reach their missions and goals quicker we are excited to start 2022 in such a positive way!

We look forward to working with the amazing clients that signed up to work with us before the Christmas holiday and look forward to speaking to organisations about how we can help them through the year navigate their own journey to more impact.


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