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Janaid Iqbal

Pre-sales Salesforce Advisor and Consultant

I have been fortunate enough to work with and different charities that all have a big impact on people locally and globally. I love it when clients get to the end of the project with us, and then they have this moment where they see what it’s going to enable them to do, one of my favourites was when a children’s charity we worked with saw how everything they needed would be one dashboard and there wouldn’t be mass amounts of spreadsheets to get a single source of truth.

Janaid is one of our Pre-Sales Salesforce Advisors, having been a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cirrico he works with clients to ensure we showcase the different types of technology available.

Janaid has worked with Salesforce technology for the last five years working with many nonprofits and businesses who create social good.   He’s helped transform the way organisations are able to scale their work and impacts through his work. He is likely to be someone you’ll see doing Salesforce demonstrations if you need an expert to run you through all of the ways Salesforce can help your organisation. He works with clients from the first planning stage to the end when projects are delivered, or organisations want us to do more user-adoption work with their teams to make rapid progress.

Top 3 Values:
Transparency, Team Spirit and Boldness

Favourite Trailhead Trail:
Process Automation Specialist

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