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Streamlining King's College Hospital Charity Grant Making Processes With Salesforce

King's College Hospital Charity

No more spreadsheets, teams now work collaboratively from a single source of truth.
Can easily track grants through each stage of the process.
Carrying out audits is now simplified and a much quicker process.

King’s College Hospital Charity is an organisation that is dedicated to supporting life-changing care for patients at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The organisation is powered by a small team of dedicated fundraisers, finance and administrative staff based near King’s Denmark Hill campus.

Previously, King’s College Hospital Charity were using an older generation platform to manage their documents. Their processes were managed on paper analogue forms, spreadsheets and entered into the Finance system. There was no holistic view of the end to end process. The previous system made it difficult for users to easily find the documents they needed to create and progress grants. The grants team also had limited visibility on how grants were progressing through the cycle, the finance team and the grants team were working in silos and communication between departments was made difficult due to the nature of the system they were using.


It was clear to the team at King’s College Hospital Charity that with the right tools they could gain a greater insight into the organisation, empower staff to drive the grant giving process, and most importantly increase the impact of King’s College Hospital Charity. They were also looking to develop an improved user experience, modernise grant giving, provide greater transparency to the process and see where an application was sitting at any point in time.


Through the implementation of Salesforce, King’s College Hospital Charity is now able to work much more efficiently and collaborate effectively. Iona Joy, Director of Grants and Insights, shared “Workflow and checking of approvals was difficult to track previously, working through emails and spreadsheets was not effective. Salesforce has massively simplified this and changed everything. We can now work together more effectively, understanding what stage grants and approvals are at”.

All stages of the process are now dated and simple to track, this makes it incredibly easy to answer questions when asked on how the application is progressing. Keeping important stakeholders up to date with the latest information.


Another benefit that King’s College Hospital Charity has gained due to the implementation of Salesforce, is that carrying out audits is now simplified. Iona explained that the most recent internal audit was much easier to carry out than previous audits, this ease of carrying out the audit resulted in a better performance.


We asked Iona what working with Cirrico was like, Iona explained “Alex was phenomenal, he was always helping and supporting us. Providing us with great 1-on-1 support. Alex had a very good problem solving approach, all the problems we faced were discussed and faced”. Julie from King’s College Hospital also shared, “Alex is one of those rare individuals who not only understands the technical intricacies of Salesforce, but also completely understood our very complex processes”


Iona went on to share the information that she would tell an organisation looking at implementing Salesforce, “I would definitely go for Salesforce and speak with Cirrico. Working with a great Project Manager at Cirrico helped us understand just what was needed from us. Due to this we received a bespoke system that has been extremely beneficial”.

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