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Helping The Asfari Foundation With A Bespoke Managed Services Package

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Grant giving system is now set up on Salesforce since their issues have been resolved.
Improved efficiency as Asfari Foundation Salesforce is running smoothly.
The team's knowledge of Salesforce has improved due to being shown how to troubleshoot issues themselves.

The Asfari Foundation was established in 2006, focused on creating  a long-term impact that is focused on the building of a strong civil society which is the foundation for any fair, resilient, sustainable and productive society in the Levant.  The vision of the Asfari Foundation is for a just world where people have equal opportunities to transform their lives, invest in their communities, and shape the future of their countries. The foundation is built on five values; Passion, Diversity and Inclusivity, Partnership, Excellence and Fairness.

The Asfari Foundation found themselves in a difficult situation due to the fact that they had a Salesforce implementation but had no in-house experts to help troubleshoot issues and maintain their system. This meant that Asfari Foundation didn’t have the support they needed to troubleshoot issues damaging their Salesforce system. Their users were experiencing bugs when submitting reports and they also wanted an edit to their system so that it could also be used during the grant giving process. This is because the grant making process was mainly manual.

Without the help of a Salesforce specialist, The Asfari Foundation were not set upto make the most out of their Salesforce system and maximize its capabilities, meaning that they were not working as efficiently as possible.


Here at Cirrico we are focused on accelerating human progress through the use of technology, and this is exactly what we wanted to demonstrate to The Asfari Foundation. Through the work of our specialised Managed Service Consultants, we managed to help improve the efficiency of The Asfari Foundation and build on their Salesforce System. This was done through Ovoke meeting with The Asfari Foundation once a month and going through any troubleshooting the system needed, these meetings were also recorded. This provided The Asfari Foundation with a library of content on how to solve issues they might experience.

The second area that we helped with was developing the grant making process and making it much more automatic as it was mainly being carried out manually. This now allows The Asfari Foundation to work much more efficiently and make an impact with their donations at a quicker rate.


When asked about the impact the Managed Services have had on The Asfari Foundation, Mohamed “The Managed Services that we receive from Cirrico has definitely been of good value to us. Helping us improve our Salesforce system whilst also up-skilling our staff as we now know how to solve Salesforce issues that we didn’t before.”


Here at Cirrico we are always striving to ensure that the organisations we work with have the best experience possible and get the solution that bests the organisation and their staff. When we asked Mohamed how he found working with Cirrico and our specialised Managed Service Consultant Ovokem, Mohamed stated that “Ovoke was excellent, she was very patient. We’re not Salesforce people, she was able to keep things as simple as possible and help us work through several issues we were experiencing. It helped me understand the system better and improve my knowledge of how the system functions”.


When Mohamed was asked what his advice for other nonprofits would be he said “My advice to similar small-sized nonprofits interested in using Salesforce as a CRM/GMS would be to ensure they factor in the resources required to ensure they have the right specialised support to make the best use of the system. A Managed Service contract with Cirrico has enabled us to fill that Salesforce technical experience gap and ensure we keep our system running and don’t suffer interruptions to our operations”.


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