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Should We Build An Internal Salesforce Team Or Work With A Managed Services Provider?

Salesforce is the world’s most configurable CRM and it evolves at a startling rate, constantly releasing new features. Salesforce’s customers cannot afford to stand still, they need to evolve their own business and Salesforce org to get the most out of it. Organisations usually require technical expertise to help them achieve this.

So, what are the options when it comes to looking for Salesforce technical expertise?

The first option is that an organisation builds an internal team, this can range from a system administrator all the way to a large team with all the competencies required to deliver genuine agile dev ops. Secondly there is Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who grant organisations access to a range of Salesforce certified experts who can manage, maintain and develop their Salesforce organisation. In the Salesforce ecosystem there is a wide variety of MSPs offering multiple levels of support. Finally there is internal admin and Managed Services. This combination enables a skilled admin who can act as a product owner, handling support and working with a managed service provider who extends their capabilities across to ensure they cover all of the Salesforce bases.


The Difficulties Of Having An Internal Team

The Salesforce jobs market is competitive and junior administrators command a starting salary of over £40,000, a large investment for a small company, with no guarantee that their new hire will have the right skills, knowledge, flexibility or availability to support what has fast become a business critical tool for many of Salesforce’s customers. Retention and training also put many organisations off hiring internally, as the risk of losing an employee you have invested heavily in training is very real in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Also, internal admins cover off a variety of skill sets and can make excellent product owners, but they rarely tick every box. A large organisation with a multi cloud implementation and an ambitious roadmap ahead would likely need a system admin, a developer, a business analyst, a project manager, product owner and maybe even an architect. That’s an incredible outlay in salaries and other costs, but most organisations won’t need full time resources either.

Differences With An MSP

With an MSP organisations don’t have to worry about investing heavily in an individual with the chance that they leave for another company, they also don’t have to worry about paying the wages of a staff member. It’s your provider’s job to maintain their team and provide you the right resources, with the right skills, at the right time.

MSPs also offer access to a wide range of skills and technical capabilities that one employee can rarely cover by themselves, also if an organisation does have a designated Salesforce admin then a Managed Service package can aid them. The MSP is able to complement a system administrator and drop in the skill sets they need when they need them.

MSP offers scalability that cannot be matched with an internal team, granting organisations the ability to increase or decrease their resources at the flip of a switch, as and when it suits them, as their project pipeline ebbs and flows, or they add new clouds or products to their Salesforce footprint. These are just a few of the reasons why organisations often decide that it is best to have a MSP than an internal team.

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