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Accelerating Resuscitation Council UK’s Impact With Salesforce

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Salesforce provides a holistic view of Resuscitation Council UK’s data relating to stakeholder and customer relations.
Can now send list emails instantly, compared to previously sending out mailshots which were extremely time consuming.
Salesforce can track individuals who are interested in their Digital CPR Training: they can now see who is interested and how they have previously contacted them. Leading to more conversions which helps Resuscitation Council UK generate income.

Resuscitation Council UK is committed to ensuring that survival rates for in and out of hospital cardiac arrest improve. They’re doing this by driving CPR education, and encouraging everyone, from healthcare workers to the general public, to learn life-saving resuscitation skills. In 2020/2021 they had 17,000 volunteers running training courses across the country, these courses have helped train 100,000 healthcare professionals. The work carried out by Resuscitation Council UK is invaluable and has helped save countless lives across the country.

We spoke with Rachel Warren, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Officer, to understand just how much the Salesforce system we implemented has impacted Resuscitation Council UK.

After undergoing the define and plan, it was established that Resuscitation Council UK required a CRM due to the following reasons; data was being stored on spreadsheets, mailshots were manual, and they were losing business due to not having a platform to manage and process individuals who were interested in their e-Lifesaver product.


Before working with Cirrico Resuscitation Council UK didn’t have a CRM. This meant that their data was spread out across numerous spreadsheets, this made it incredibly difficult for Resuscitation Council UK to make use of all the data they have. Previously whenever Rachel wanted to update stakeholders or partners about RCUK’s work, she would need to manually sift through spreadsheets to identify the correct contacts and send out hundreds of emails through a mailshot. This was an extremely time consuming task, meant that emails being sent were not being customised for each individual, and it was harder to track whether people had opened the information sent.

Also relating to customer relations, Resuscitation Council UK was finding it difficult to manage and track potential clients interested in the e-Lifesaver product. This was due to the fact that they couldn’t easily see the clients who were interested in the product, or where they were in the sales cycle, meaning that they couldn’t contact leads and create sales.


Before undergoing the Salesforce implementation from Cirrico, Resuscitation Council UK underwent a Define and Plan. This stage of the process allows for our specialised consultants to help scope out the project, providing both the charity and organisation with time to ask questions and discover exactly what the implementation is aiming to achieve. When speaking about the importance of the Define and Plan, Rachel said “It really helped us explore our needs and discover how we could use the system. It allowed us time to get the input of other team members, especially those that would be using the system the most”.


Here at Cirrico we are laser focused on helping organisations increase their social impact through the use of technology, the Salesforce experts at Cirrico go above and beyond to ensure that every project runs as smoothly as possible. Regarding working with Cirrico, Rachel stated; “Viran had such good attention to detail and answered all of the questions we had, he made the process very easy and smooth. We’d hope to work with him again!”


One of the big differences that Salesforce has made to Resuscitation Council UK is that they now have all of their contact data in one place, this was  previously stored in different silos across multiple spreadsheets. Having all of this data in one place has dramatically simplified the task of Stakeholder engagement.

Another benefit of Resuscitation Council UK implementing Salesforce has been that they now save a considerable amount of time when sending out emails. Rachel explained that previously she previously emailed around 100 people at least three to four times a year, this task used to take up to half a day due to the time consuming tasks associated with manually sending emails. Rachel stated “What was taking me half a day, is now taking me under an hour”, due to the capabilities of Salesforce.

e-Lifesaver is an ideal workplace CPR and AED training solution, Resuscitation Council UK was struggling to track interested individuals due to the fact they were lacking a suitable platform to track and monitor interest. This meant that some interested clients were not being contacted for up to 18 months. Now Resuscitation Council UK has a suitable platform to help them track and engage with interested individuals, whilst also helping increase the organisation’s income.


When asked what her advice would be to others regarding implementing technology to help accelerate their impact, Rachel explained “The project was not just a change in technology, it was also a change management process. You have to give yourself the time to do all the preparation so that everybody internally is on board and ready to reap all the fantastic benefits of having Salesforce”.


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