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Salesforce Training

Training a team to use the new or longstanding Salesforce is critical to making sure a nonprofit runs smoothly. Training staff can also generate new ideas for innovation, both Salesforce and Cirrico has great tools to train a nonprofit team.

Training is often better than a change of process


Getting a new IT system of any kind can bring with it many challenges. One of the main ones is making sure that all members of staff know who to use the system, this is not just how to use Salesforce but understanding the configuration of Salesforce.


For a new Salesforce system, a change management tactics can be employed to help staff to thrive and help the nonprofit grow. For a Salesforce system that has been in place for a while, there may well be process that staff have started to use that could use some automation or to be integrated with other data.

Training on a system that Cirrico has built 

Part of the Cirrico way is to offer training on any solution that Cirrico build or implement. This is not just training for the system admins but also to the staff that will be using the system day to day. At Cirrico we will always train the trainer, empowering admins and staff to teach other staff about how to use the Salesforce system.


Admin training from Cirrico

The majority of features and functionality within Salesforce is the same, no matter how big a nonprofit is or what area they operate in. Our team has created over 30 videos (with many more in the works) on the bread and butter functions of all Salesforce systems. Cirrico can also provide admin training to teams on request through our Managed Service offering.


Custom training in partnership with Salesforce

Salesforce has its own training platform, called Trailhead, for all its customers and users. Cirrico can create custom trails for nonprofits to fit in with the parts of Salesforce that they are using. Cirrico can also work with nonprofits to add their own content to custom modules with trailhead, using myTrailhead.


Learning Salesforce

We understand that nonprofits that have a Salesforce system but do not have the correct staff trained will struggle to make the most out of their system. Below are some of the issues that a nonprofit with a lack of Salesforce trained staff could face.


Inability to solve simple Salesforce errors


Poor return-on-investment for the organisation as the system isn't being used to the best of it's capabilities


Staff not being correctly trained means that the user adoption rate will be reduced, this means that they'll continue to work in traditional ways. Counteracting the reason why an organisation invested in Salesforce.


Inefficient ways of working

Benefits of learning Salesforce

Having the correct members of  staff trained on how to use and develop the Salesforce platform that a nonprofit has invested in is vital to maximising the Salesforce capabilities, below are some of the benefits that having staff well trained can provide.


Staff being trained on Salesforce provides organisations with a greater return on investment for their Salesforce system


Staff can answer each others questions and queries regarding Salesforce, when staff take different trailhead modules and Cirrico’s custom training modules


Well trained staff results in a higher user adoption rate


Employees are aligned with the organisations roadmap and can carry out tasks the way that the organisation wants them to be, this also increases the return-on-investment for the Salesforce platform

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Jigsaw they had some very nice things to say about us.

Cirrico completely changed our use of Salesforce to get more out of day to day activities. Pulling reports was a huge thing for us that we can now do with our eyes closed

Elaine O'Dowd - Jigsaw

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