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Changing futures with Royal Springboard: How Salesforce is helping young people to thrive through education

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Royal Springboard gives children and young people the chance to thrive, against the odds. By providing fully-funded bursaries at boarding and independent day schools, the charity opens up opportunities for children in the care system, on the edge of care, or facing severe social deprivation. It changes lives, 800 to date. And with an ambition to raise that number to 2,000 by 2024, they called on Cirrico for help.

The charity was relying on outmoded systems to keep track of the vast array of information needed to successfully place the right children in the right schools. We knew that, with the right technology, we could use this mine of data to springboard the charity to a bigger, better future.


Once we understood the status quo, we set about unravelling it. We are ambitious and future-focussed, and so we worked with Royal Springboard to envision the very best version of the charity’s future and then constructed a purpose-built tool to create it. We consulted in-depth with the people who would use the information, day-in day-out, to make sure we aligned with their needs and preferences.

We then trained the team-up. Everyone. We build future-changing technology, but it is people-powered. The team at Royal Springboard is passionate and motivated, and we knew we needed to harness that dedication. So we made sure that everyone involved in the process could use the new technology to its full potential, and would work with the same vision of the charity’s future in mind.


The new Salesforce system has revolutionised every aspect of the charity’s work. Salesforce Contacts and Accounts tools track, protect, and utilise the details of pupils, parents, teachers, trustees, school boards, supporters, journalists, schools, colleges, community partners, and government organisations.

Salesforce Leads and FormAssembly tools manage incoming enquiries, both on and offline. Salesforce Campaigns is used to plan, deliver, and evaluate fundraising efforts. Every useful piece of information is linked, synced and primed for use, saving hours of time and energy for staff as they connect pupils with opportunities, raise much-needed funds, and win over supporting organisations.

Royal Springboard hasn’t just changed the lives of the 800 pupils who have so far received bursaries. It’s impact ripples through the communities involved, diversifying schools, inspiring communities. Little by little, it is changing the futures of thousands of disadvantaged families. By designing and creating the tools that will amplify the efforts of the charity, we’ve done what we always strive to do: use technology as a force for good in the world.

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