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Christmas At Cirrico

Celebrating as a team for all we have achieved over the past 12 months is always an important activity to do at Cirrico. It’s been a busy year! We’ve worked with some amazing organisations!

Team members have passed certifications, worked on incredible projects and created huge impact for our clients this year!

Sadly, due to Covid we had to cancel our in-person celebrations to protect our teams health, but never to shy away from a challenge our Head of Impact , Laura Croudace, and Operations Manager, Ellis Knowles set about ensuring the Cirrico Party would go ahead with a bang! 🎉


Parcels were hand-picked and sent out to every team member, which included beautiful tasty vegan snacks, Lush Gift Sets, vegan chocolate hampers and activities for the Christmas party fun!

We all ordered our favourite take away to be delivered for 1pm, as we joined together for a team Zoom to play games and chat about the festive plans we all had. The team had sent in their favourite holiday tunes and the party went along in full swing.


As the party went on we did virtual team building of snowmen/women and presented back to the team our snow people. Some of the builds were impressive…. but the winner was the work of art by a few of the consultants that did a stunning technically focused snow person.

We then had a surprise for the team, we entered into a Murder Mystery virtual world from the Gatsby era, actors joined us on Zoom for a ‘Who Done It’ party and we broke off into groups to find out what lay in store for us.


Luckily the snacks we sent out kept people feeling in the party spirit, as they enjoyed their snacks and treats throughout the important work of the murder mystery game.

The actors were highly entertaining and really brought it to life the party atmosphere to ensure that everyone had a good time, and it was a different engaging experience to end the year on.


Dr What lead us through the 1920’s mansion that popped up on screen, and as we listened and interviewed staff members working in the mansion we unlocked clues to who had committed the act.

The Cirrico teams analytical skills, consultative brains, and creative minds were set loose trying to find the answers, with all of us completing the task, and having lots of fun!

As we wished everyone a very happy Christmas, and a nice time off work we signed off Zoom having had lots of laughs and a great time together albeit virtually.

We hope that you also enjoyed your Christmas with colleagues and enjoy your time off.


Celebrating each others support, our culture and how we support each other.

We also sent out Cookies and icing for the team to enjoy in a social task for the following week, which the entire team enjoyed… The team were asked to decorate a biscuit in the theme of various points of the year at Cirrico, team members who’d helped them develop and grow, people they felt inspired them, people who made the culture at Cirrico what it is, and a image of how it feels to work at Cirrico. The cookies were a masterpiece 🤣 of modern art….


From all the team at Cirrico we wish you a magical, restful Christmas and that 2022 is impactful and meaningful year ahead.

We look forward to collaborating on projects that create a more impactful, equal and balanced world with our clients.

Team Cirrico 🚀


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