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Laura Croudace

Head of Impact

I am so passionate about sustainability across all areas of life, and working at Cirrico allows me to bring my skills, knowledge, and experiences to help create a positive impact around the world. It is so powerful to visually see the impact we are making, and show our clients what is possible through technology - accelerating the pace in which they make social impacts. I love working with people who are passionate about creating social impacts, and it is a joy to work at Cirrico to unveil what is possible through technology. Showing people who are working to create change the possibilities to accelerate impacts through Salesforce is so exciting. Sustainability is something that I am super passionate about and working at Cirrico enables me to do something about this passion working on things such as Sustainability Cloud

Laura has worked with Non-Profits, B-Corps, and organisations with a clear social impact purpose for her entire career. She has worked with organisations of every size and type in fundraising, advising, coaching, and strategic planning. At Cirrico she works to measure its impact across the organisation, and with our clients to add purpose-driven value across the work that we do. which is focused around the 4 UN SDG’s we have aligned to; Climate Action, Education, Responsible Consumption, and Production and Equality.

Laura also runs the CirriCommit Programme which is aligned to the 4 Sustainable Development Goals  – and will be launching our internship  programme later on in 2021.

Top 3 Values:
Determination, Authenticity, Kindness

Favourite Trailhead Trail:
Leading During Challenging Times

It was really interesting after the year we’ve had going through COVID-19.

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