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Accelerating Impact With Nonprofit Success Pack

We have worked with a variety of Nonprofits, of all shapes and sizes. This means that we have all the required expertise to accelerate the impact of any nonprofit through the use of Salesforce, especially the Nonprofit Success Pack. The nonprofits that we have worked with are our best Salesforce and Cirrico evangelists. Below are just some of the examples that the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack can have on organisations.

Street Soccer Scotland

Street Soccer Came to Cirrico as they were looking for a scalable solution to help reduce the administrative tasks their small team face. Previously storing data in multiple places, in peoples heads, on paper and Excel spreadsheets. This means that their staff were spending more time on admin than following their mission.

With the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack implemented, it is estimated that they are now saving around 16 hours a week in time due to the amount of reduced admin tasks. Cameron Black, Operations Manager, stated “Salesforce does it all for you and you don’t even have to think about it. Especially the Nonprofit success pack.”

To read the full Street Soccer Scotland Success Story, a short film is also attached, then please click here.


Bipolar UK

Bipolar UK were looking to update their CRM as they were previously using more traditional methods, such as encrypted Excel Spreadsheets, this created issues for both the organisation and donors. 

Conor Butcher, Fundraising and Data Officer, told us that Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack saves him two days per week. He explained that “one of the main areas that Salesforce has massively helped with is that other staff members have had all of their processes sped up and therefore are able to be more efficient, so that they can dedicate more time to services they provide.”

To read the full Bipolar UK Success Story, please click here.


The Passage

The Passage arrived at Cirrico using spreadsheets and other offline solutions to track areas of income generation. The Passage were looking to implement a solution which would provide them with a 360 view of their organisation. 

To help solve The Passage’s pain points we implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, helping move all of their data over to Salesforce and provide them with a single source of truth for their data. Emma shared “If you’re wanting to perhaps grow your fundraising, if you’re having that challenge of needing to increase your revenue then Salesforce is going to give you the tools and the platform to be able to do that more effectively.”

Te read the full Success Story on The Passage, please click here.



StreetVet came to Cirrico looking for a CRM solution which would store all of their data on one platform, without being too labour intensive for their staff. The platform also needed to be scalable so that it could grow with the organisation. 

Zoe Abbots, Managing Director, explained that when she joined StreetVet there was a real lack of support in regards to digital technology. StreetVet were struggling to stay connected with volunteers, staff and donors.

To help combat these issues, Cirrico implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. This provides StreetVet with a single source of truth and allows them to gain a 360 view of their data in real time. Zoe explained “Previously although there were only three or four of us working together the data share just wasn’t at the level it needed to be, this made completing even simple tasks complicated. Now we have Salesforce it’s so much easier to share and view the same data together, working as a team much more seamless now”.

To read the full StreetVet Success Story, please click here


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These are just a small percentage of the Success Stories we have displaying the impact that Salesforce can have on nonprofits. If you would like to read more about how Salesforce has helped organisations achieve their goals and missions, then click the button below.

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