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Why We Love Delivering Training To Our Customers

One thing I absolutely love doing when working on a project at Cirrico is delivering training! Coming right near the end just before the go-live date, it’s a culmination after all the hard work of designing and building the solution and  just after UAT Testing is complete and signed off. Why do I adore it so much? Because I finally get to hand the solution over to the Administrators/Users and empower them to move forward and see all the amazing benefits of the system. Plus, learning something new and as user friendly as Salesforce is always exciting from both the teacher and the students perspective (well, I like to think so!).


I’m not going to lie, Salesforce can be quite overwhelming to begin with; especially as a new customer seeing all the different features and options available. So, heading into a training session can probably seem quite daunting. To make things more digestible and to ensure we don’t overload the users, we like to break down the sessions and make sure we’re not covering too much ground at once. For most projects, we provide Salesforce Administration Training, Reports & Dashboard Training and finally End User Training (how does the new solution work, and a guide through the agreed process). But we may also have additional sessions we need to provide, such as guidance on any third party apps, email template building or for other Salesforce products like Pardot etc.


Each of our sessions always comes with a slide deck; we love our slide decks here at Cirrico! Which we use to guide the training and then provide back to the client at the end of the session. These decks, like the Salesforce Admin one for example, come with in-depth walkthroughs for important features, images to give it a bit of visual flair and bite-sized recorded videos.


We like to make our sessions interactive as well and encourage our customers to get involved; sharing screens and working through real world scenarios like building a report for board members or adding a new field to a page. This really makes the session that more interesting for a user and usually opens up new questions and possibilities. We’re also aware that people can only take so much information at a time and we’re also not evil, so we like to plan lot’s of tea & coffee breaks and moments where people can get away from their screen and stretch their legs for a few minutes!


All of the above is why I love delivering training to users. It gives me the opportunity to hand over my knowledge to someone else and let them see that Salesforce isn’t actually as complex as they may have thought. I like seeing users realise this fact, that they can become empowered and manage the system all by themselves; doing things like navigating the system and building reports on launch day. Seeing our customers go forward with confidence in themselves and the solution is incredibly rewarding, so hopefully I’ll see you on a zoom call one day…


It’s not just projects where customers receive training either. One of the ways that charities can benefit from training is to work with our Managed Service Salesforce Consultant, who can continue to add and build new areas of your platform, to help your organisation grow. Scaling up and adding on top of your existing Salesforce platform is key to that growth and our Consultants are available to provide the essential training to make sure you can continue working with the system in confidence.

If a team in your organisation requires Salesforce training, then get in contact with Cirrico!

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