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Training From Cirrico

It is vitally important for organisations to ensure that their staff have the capabilities and skills to make the most of their Salesforce system. Ensuring that staff use the technology to its fullest helps deliver the maximum ROI for an organisation.

Training Jigsaw:

Elaine O’Dowd said “I used to be terrified of getting something wrong on Salesforce incase it caused a problem later down the line, now I log on everyday and I can pull reports up for my manager with no issue”. This shows the importance of being well trained with the platform, providing users with the confidence to work efficiently and effectively. This means that the time staff spend working on administrative tasks can be reduced and they can spend more time carrying out meaningful tasks.


Training Street Soccer:

Cameron Black said “The whole team is much more switched on and engaged”. Having a team which is all at a good skill level with the solution, allows them to all work together and know how to collaborate through Salesforce. Cameron estimates that Salesforce saves them around 16 hours a week in time due to reduced admin tasks.


Training The Passage:

Emma Noble shared “We did some thorough training with Cirrico and I would really recommend this. Not being trained on the system would be like owning a car and not knowing how to drive. For us the training was invaluable, allowing us to get the most out of the system”. This highlights the importance of being effectively trained and ensuring that the Salesforce Systems capabilities are maximised.


The experts at Cirrico

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