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Laura Croudace, Technology Impact Evangelist speaks to Jorge Minguell, Success Engagement Director for the EMEA at, to learn his incredible story and the work he is doing with Salesforce.



At Cirrico we love to be inspired by people, their experiences and ideas, which is why we started The Art of The Possible, and this week we have an amazing guest! From escaping a military coup in Chile to Harry Potter, and a burning passion to making a positive impact through technology, we covered a LOT of topics in our latest episode of The Art of The Possible. Laura, Technology Evangelist here at Cirrico spent a fascinating hour or so with Jorge Minguell, Success Engagement Director for the EMEA at, to learn his incredible story and the work he is doing with Salesforce.

Jorge, who hails from Spain but is now based in Paris, is now in his second year working with Salesforce, has a truly unique story, and it was an absolute pleasure to get his views and experience of The Art of The Possible.


The beginnings

Before joining Salesforce, Jorge spent eight years in the non-profit sector, working with a variety of giant international organisations in digital fundraising and digital transformation projects, but it’s Jorge’s journey into the world of non-profits and fundraising where we wanted to get started. The son of a political refugee who fled Chile following the military coup of 1973, Jorge grew up in Spain after his father decided to start a new life in Europe shortly after coming close to losing his own.

Inspired by his father’s story and passion for political and social progress, Jorge was always drawn to helping others, something that clearly carried over into his sister, who is a doctor. While his sister chose a career in medicine, Jorge opted for technology and a career working to bring about positive change.

But it wasn’t always within the world of non-profits where Jorge earned his stripes, arriving in the Digital Transformation sector via a somewhat unorthodox route; that of journalism. While he isn’t saving lives in the same way as his sister, Jorge has been able to bring about a huge amount of positive change through delivering technological solutions during his career, both with Salesforce and before.


When tech meets talent

When asked for some examples of non-profits using Salesforce products and services to create a positive impact, Jorge pointed to a remarkable organisation based in the north Paris’ notorious Saint-Denis area. Nos Quartiers Ont Du Talent, translated to “Our neighbourhoods has talent”, works with young graduates from the deprived region and sets them up with individuals working within different sectors, with a focus on technology. By creating these relationships, these young people are being introduced to an industry they may not have previously been able to break into.

Run using a simple Community Cloud, integrated by Salesforce, the programme is able to operate efficiently and effectively. While Jorge highlights the misconception that the use of Salesforce products is linked only to those companies and organisations able to make significant investment into technology, Nos Quartiers Ont Du Talent have proven that the use of a simple piece of technology can help them bring about positive change to people that wouldn’t have had the chance without it.

In fact, Jorge admits that he has found working with some of the world’s biggest organisations, such as the United Nations,  that look closer to the speed  with which smaller entities are able to deliver results. Highlighting the huge spectrum Salesforce cover, when asked about fundraising, Jorge revealed some of the work the company are doing with charity in terms of grant management and global fundraising.


Social goals

At Cirrico, we’re passionate about not only working with organisations making a positive change but doing our own part, which is why we’re champions of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through our CirriCommit programme. We wanted to know if there was one social problem Jorge could solve, if he was Harry Potter, what would it be.

Perhaps unsurprisingly considering his background, refugees and change technology can bring about to help these people integrate, learn new skills, and how the world, as a whole and individual governments, can gain a better understanding of the reasons behind the refugee crisis.

The results are already evident, from huge organisations such as the UNHCR to smaller outfits such as  SOS Méditerranée in Switzerland or Open Arms in Spain, all of whom are using Salesforce technology to both understand the problem and provide solutions to counter it, both in the short term and, hopefully, in the long term as well.





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