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Saving time through email Automisation with Pardot and Marketing Cloud

Safiyyah Gareeboo is a Marketing expert at Cirrico, she has run large email marketing and Salesforce implementations during her career. Laura Interviewed her about what nonprofits can learn from her experience, and about working smarter with email.

This month our Technology Impact Evangelist, Laura Croudace, was chatting to one of our clients who are a health and wellness nonprofit, Ireland Active and they shared with her that one of the benefits of working with Cirrico and having Salesforce implemented was the amount of time they’d saved on not writing emails from scratch for every person who sends in an application email to work with them. In total it saved them 90 days per year in admin time, Laura asks Safiyyah how organisations can use marketing and email smartly.


Our client Ireland Actives shared that having templates, with preloaded attachments saved the staff member 15 hours a week each, which equates to 90 days of admin-time per year- amazing right? They also shared it had enabled them to do some amazing pre-planning with their marketing. At Cirrico we love to help people automate as much as possible to save as much time as possible, so our Technology Impact Evenaglist decided to find out more.

Salesforce has amazing tools such as Marketing Cloud and Pardot (pronounced Par-DOT) when implemented they can be transformational for nonprofits as they help streamline communications between nonprofits and donors, staff, volunteers and grantmakers through automation.



Safiyyah, can you explain to us what Marketing Automation is?

Marketing Automation is kind of like supercharging your marketing functionality. It can connect elements of marketing to see the full picture of someone’s engagement with you and use that insight to build out bespoke journeys for targeted audiences


What else should nonprofits know about the way they can use Marketing Automation for other things such as Fundraising, Volunteer Management and Events for example 

Tools like Pardot, Marketing Cloud and other Marketing Automation tools can be used beyond the marketing team. Very often, the organisations which get the most value out of these tools are those who integrate it with their CRM, Event Management tools like Eventable or Eventbrite and Social Media. Once you’re connected to the Salesforce Platform, that opens up a huge amount of integration potential! There’s a lot of potential to build out a “Marketing Stack”, which is something we could help you with as part of a Define and Plan project.



What is the most powerful way you’ve seen a nonprofit organisation use Pardot?

One organisation that I volunteered with did some great things. The Marketing team knew they had loads of great content and engaged members, but it was hard to show that to the wider organisation. Tapping into the automation capabilities of Pardot, they were able to join up the dots and see what those journeys looked like from within Salesforce and track a member’s engagement over time. Over the course of a few months they were able to build out touchpoints from a LinkedIn post, to a form, to downloading a whitepaper and much more! This was groundbreaking for them as it finally confirmed what they suspected and they now are able to build on those journeys to further engage with their members worldwide.

If you were able to give a nonprofit one piece of advice about saving time through Pardot what would it be?

Think about your organisation as early as possible. Things like folder structures, naming conventions and documentation will go a really long way in helping to keep things easy to find and uncluttered. One of the most time consuming I and my clients face is clean up activity, so the earlier you get into the habit of keeping things organised, the more time you will save in the long run.



How can people learn more about Marketing Cloud and Pardot? 

There are lots of free resources on Trailhead which is an app and desktop portal to help people learn about Salesforce technology, which I would 100% download or visit!

And Youtube has amazing resources too!

But, if you have a specific project or idea in mind of how you’d like to scale or automate the work you do, then speaking to one of our experts is always the best way to go about it, and get in touch. If you’d like to speak to someone at Cirrico get in touch with us via the website, or add one of the team on LinkedIn and send us a message, we’d love to explore how you’d like to create more impact!

Connect with Laura and Safiyyah on LinkedIn to follow the things they share.


Connect with Safiyyah on LinkedIn 

Safiyyah is a Senior Consultant with a background in Marketing and Higher Education. Her career started in social media and email marketing, using a wide range of tools in consumer industries and universities. She has been a Salesforce Consultant for a number of years, specialising in Marketing Automation and aligning your teams through multi-cloud implementations. In her spare time, she is a Co-Leader of the Pardot London User Group and mentors others who are just starting out in the Salesforce ecosystem. You may have even already met her as she frequently speaks at a range of events and is always happy to chat to new people!




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Saving time through email Automisation with Pardot and Marketing Cloud Expert, Safiyyah Gareeboo

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