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The business of data security: Fine-tuning systems at Oxford University’s Said Business School

Oxford Saids Business School


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At Cirrico, we are on a mission to build a better world by using business as a platform for change. On this project, we tackled challenges faced by those managing one of the most prestigious Business Schools in the world: the University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

With Salesforce already in place across the University of Oxford, Said Business School needed expert help to architect Salesforce to utilise its full potential. School management knew that there were more teams that could benefit from using Salesforce, and were excited to continue rolling it out.


Our first step was to understand how Salesforce was used, where it was being underutilised, and how it could drive further growth and development at the school. Our Discovery Workshops uncovered the extent of the opportunities for growth. Thanks to our specialism in the education sector, we were able to quickly make a targeted plan of action to architect, deploy, and support a new and improved implementation of Salesforce.

Key to the plan was staff empowerment. Salesforce could transform the daily lives of many of the people we worked with. Some departments weren’t using the system yet. We worked hard to create a scalable architecture empowering people to save hours of time while producing better results. At Cirrico, we are unfailingly excited about the power of technology, and we know that our enthusiasm is contagious.


The new solution is even further adopted across Said Business School than before, supported by a secure and scalable architecture. Thanks to a widescale review of the data structures, we were able to design information-storing systems that adhered to professional guidelines around the separation of certain data, complied with GDPR, and functioned flawlessly within the CRM tool.

For the Cirrico team, this was a great opportunity to put our expertise to the test. Our highly skilled and motivated team thrives when navigating obstacles, and there were many here. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the education sector and our eternal optimism, we delivered upon our promise. We only hope that the leaders of tomorrow who graduate from the school share our passion for building a better world.

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