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The art of innovation: La Napoule Art Foundation kickstarts its five-year plan with Salesforce

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In 2019, trustees at La Napoule Art Foundation embarked on a five-year mission to expand the reach of their prestigious organisation.  A new CEO was ushered in and Cirrico led the charge in overhauling working practices with a raft of clever new technology.

With artist residencies at its French chateau home, international schools outreach programs and celebrated art workshops, La Napoule Art Foundation nurtures artistic talent and uses creativity as a tool to build intercultural understanding. Founded in 1951, it faced similar challenges to many long-established organisations and was dependent on paper-based and Microsoft Excel data management processes. We were to guide La Napoule through its first steps towards modernising, increasing funding and championing the benefits of art and international collaboration to a much wider audience.


After careful consideration – working closely with colleagues at La Napoule to understand their needs and ambitions – we introduced our Nonprofit Success Pack. This streamlines every daily task in the running of the foundation, creating one comprehensive but user-friendly system to manage and track donors, prospects, partner organisations, the corporate sponsorship pipeline, residency programs and attendance, and even engagement.

La Napoule is staffed by a conscientious, motivated team, eager to take on the challenges of meeting the foundation’s new five-year plan. A crucial part of our job would be capitalising on that determination as we led the team through the changes, pinpointing the many ways in which this new technology would make their lives easier, their jobs simpler, and their impact more forceful. We firmly believe that people, not technology, make the biggest difference in any project.


We left La Napoule with a state-of-the-art Salesforce system, designed to their exact requirements, and a fully trained team of people who adopted our changes whole-heartedly. Leaving behind their paper-based systems, the Foundation now has a real-time, single view of every pertinent piece of information within the business, meaning that manual tasks are reduced, and daily activities are far more efficient. The system will grow as the business grows, meaning that it will stand the test of time as the foundation expands its reach and impact within the arts world and beyond.

At Cirrico, we are fixated on making an impact, at all times realistically optimistic and ambitious. We are buoyed by a confidence rooted in the knowledge that technology can eliminate any obstacles that might have held us back.  Joining the team at La Napoule Art Foundation at the beginning of their journey of transformation was a joy, which continues as we watch them reach more and more people through their work.

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