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Providing The Leprosy Mission With Clarity On Their Data

The Leprosy Mission Shop

Easy access to clear easy to understand data.
Can view the whole organisation in real time, allowing for decisions to be accurately and efficiently.
Simplified and streamlined marketing communications through the use of Pardot.

The Leprosy Mission Shop sells books, homeware, artisan and Fair Trade gifts. They also sell Gifts For Life which include; coconut trees, chickens, medicines, family clothing and many more. Every purchase and donation that is made through The Leprosy Mission Shop helps raise money for the vital work that is being carried out to end leprosy transmission worldwide by 2035.

We spoke with Amanda Norman, CEO of The Leprosy Mission Shop, to understand the impact that the Salesforce implementation they received from Cirrico has had on The Leprosy Mission Shop.

Before working with Cirrico The Leprosy Mission shop had their data stored in multiple places, often the data was different and overlapping. Not only was the data stored across their own spreadsheets, they also had their sales data stored with a 3rd party company which helped them with their stock. This made extracting and analysing data near impossible, Amanda said “We spent more time debating whether the data was actually accurate rather than applying the results!”. This also made the Digital Marketing Managers job incredibly difficult as it was time-consuming and difficult to perform detailed data analysis.


Another difficulty The Leprosy Mission Shop was having, was that they were having to use spreadsheets as mailing lists. The issue this created was that the spreadsheets were not set up to be used as mailing lists. This meant that the mailing lists had to be checked each time an email went out, having to manually remove duplicate emails and ensure that individuals who had opted out of emails would not be contacted in the future. Amanda stated that “this made it tedious and time consuming to perform clever marketing and develop consumer journeys”.


Since The Leprosy Mission Shop has had Salesforce implemented for them by Cirrico, they can now work much more efficiently. One of the top benefits The Leprosy Mission Shop have gained from implementing Salesforce is that they now have a much clearer view of their data. Amanda explained “Everyday we now get an automated upload of data into Salesforce, this allows for myself and the team to see gross sales, net profit, average order value and so much more.” Amanda went onto say that “we can now build reports on what our top products are, this has been transformative. Myself and the Digital Marketing Manager use this very regularly”. This ability to easily see data and trends has been eye opening for The Leprosy Mission Shop, Amanda explained “Since having Salesforce we have been able to see our best selling products and what has raised the most money. Surprisingly we saw that customers making donations at the point of purchase was raising the most money, we found that we’d raised £450,000 through this method of donation!”.


The Leprosy Mission Shop also now sends all of their emails out via Pardot. One of the added benefits of using Pardot is that duplicates are easily removed from mailing lists and individuals who have previously opted out are instantly removed from the mailing lists. This saves The Leprosy Mission Shop valuable time and streamlines the process of sending out emails. The Digital Marketing Manager can now also plan follow up emails for when consumers purchase Gifts For Life, providing them with a consumer journey and giving them updates on the impact of their gifts. Amanda explained “When consumers now purchase a gift for life such as a goat, chicken or well. They immediately receive information on how that will help somebody and the impact their gift will make. We are also developing 6 month automations so that they will receive further updates.”


Are You Looking To Implement Salesforce?

If you’re looking to implement Salesforce for your organisation then get in contact with us! Our experts will ensure that the bespoke system will increase your organisations impact!

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