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Streamlining The Salesforce Platform For NurtureUK

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Streamlined processes and removed manual steps for the team at NurtureUK.
Access to support and guidance on areas that are beyond the technical knowledge of those at NurtureUK.
Higher rates of user adoption as team members can see how using Salesforce will directly benefit them.

NurtureUK are an organisation dedicated to improving the social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. NurtureUk have been at the forefront of the nurture movement for over 50 years. NurtureUK envision a world where child development isn’t limited by a lack of nurture in education. They also aim to support adults working with children and young people, ensuring that they are well equipped. We spoke with Léa Verlaguet, Digital Improvement Manager, about how working with Cirrico has benefitted NurtureUK.

NurtureUK arrived at Cirrico looking for ways to develop their Salesforce platform, whilst also ensuring that they were receiving the highest return-on-investment possible on their Salesforce platform. NurtureUK had previously worked with another Salesforce implementation partner, when this partner closed down NurtureUK found themselves at another Salesforce partner. This Salesforce partner failed to impress NurtureUK, this led to them reaching out to a consultant who they had previously worked with. Kat Sandford had previously worked with NurtureUK, they trusted Kat and she recommended they worked with Cirrico.


NurtureUK were looking for support to help develop and finish a Webhook integration which had previously been started. The team at NurtureUK were also looking to continuously develop their Salesforce platform, whilst also looking to have expert guidance when strategically choosing which area they should focus on next. Léa stated that “We needed support with some more technical areas. At times we would not have the capacity or time to make certain changes. There are also times that we wouldn’t know what we are doing”. This is where a Managed Services Package from Cirrico was the perfect solution.


One of the first additions to NurtureUK’s Salesforce platform was extending their marketing communications through the use of Pardot. Through a Pardot quickstart, NurtureUK gained are now able to easily send out marketing communications via email. These emails can be easily built and personalised to fit the recipient,  increasing the chance of a positive response. These emails can also be automated and sent out when certain milestones are reached, Pardot allows for customer journeys to be built out and customised for each individual. As with all Salesforce products Pardot provides nonprofits, like NurtureUK, with amazing reporting capabilities.


Working with Léa from NurtureUK, Will Dyer continued to work on developing NurtureUK’s Salesforce platform. Will Dyer built out screen flows to help reduce the manual steps in the team’s administrative processes. Léa explained “The team’s efficiency has increased due to the screen flows which have been created, this is because they reduce the manual steps in their processes. They can get through tasks much quicker”. Léa continued to say that “As the team can see how these screen flows directly impact their work and save them time they are using Salesforce more now. This has improved the team’s use of Salesforce and the adoption rate”.


Léa also spoke about a development that had been created to help log time for freelancers “Will created an interface for our freelancers to log the tasks and the time they spent carrying out these tasks. These timesheets then automatically create invoices, saving us time working out how much we owe to the freelancers”.

When asked how Léa found working with Cirrico and Will Dyer, she explained “Cirrico Managed Services has been great for us, we will continue to work with Cirrico because of this. Will knows NurtureUK and our Salesforce platform, he knows what developments would work best for our organisation. Working with Will was easy and enjoyable as he was easy to collaborate and communicate with”.


Do you require support with your Salesforce system?

If you require support with your Salesforce platform, then a bespoke Cirrico Managed Services Package is the perfect solution. Cirrico are experts in the Salesforce nonprofit space and have been a Salesforce Partner since 2014, meaning we are the perfect partner to support your nonprofit.

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