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Masters of stakeholder relationships: University of Bedfordshire overhauls data management with Cirrico

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Like many organisations, teams across the University of Bedfordshire were managing a lot of data, and they were all using different systems. We’ve sat this test before (and always passed with flying colours) so we stepped in to unify the various business units.

It’s a common problem. Different teams become entrenched in their own ways of working, and the result is that information is duplicated, hard to locate or update, and collaboration slow and inefficient.

Colleagues at University of Bedfordshire were unable to get a clear view of their stakeholders’ recent interactions with the university and lacked confidence in the accuracy of their stored details. Data analysis was difficult and potentially unreliable, and long-winded processes were slowing staff down.


It was clear that the University needed innovation to thrive. Our approach at Cirrico is to get under the skin of our customers’ issues – taking care to understand the nuances of an organisation’s work style – and then carefully counter each stumbling block with pragmatic but powerful tech innovations.

The University of Bedfordshire needed a centralised database, capable of managing everything from stakeholders and partner organisations to opportunities, products, projects, and event plans. Using Salesforce technology, we enabled the university to compile reports at the click of a button, access complex data on both desktop and mobile, set up user profiles and even manage access to confidential information. The university teams can have full confidence in their GDPR compliance and the accuracy of the data they store.


We know that technology on its own cannot solve a problem – it must be fully understood and embraced by those that use it. People, not technology, get things done. So we trained up staff to understand, embrace and enjoy the new technology at their fingertips. We believe that by freeing up time and energy, the technology we work with has the power to change an individual’s career and an organisation’s impact on the world, and we impress this belief on everyone we work with.

And with high levels of user adoption after installation, we know that we did our job. Manual tasks are quicker to complete, freeing up time and focus for staff, who can easily track engagement and relationships with stakeholders. The university is confidently GDPR compliant, with a management system that can grow along with it. We’ve left the different teams at the university working together, enabling each other to do more with their time thanks to the implementation of thoughtfully created and supportively applied technology.

At Cirrico, understanding the complexities of higher education is our speciality. We know how to use Salesforce to maximise a university’s potential, and we take pride in working alongside educators as they support our future innovators through their academic journeys.

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