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Supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland Through Managed Services

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The wish making process is now carried out via an online form, removing the previously used paper based forms.
Make-A-Wish Ireland's Salesforce platform is receiving continuous development.
Dedicated consultant, Will Dyer, who has a deep understanding of Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland's Salesforce platform. Allows for strategic planning from an expert.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland has one simple aim, to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, to bring hope, strength and happiness.  Since 1993, Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland has granted wishes for more than 2,900 children across Ireland. During 2022, there were 183 wishes granted to brave children.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland arrived at Cirrico having a Salesforce system which they had been using for several years. We spoke with Nicola Deane-O’Keeffe, Head of Finance & Operations, who joined Make-A-Wish Ireland two years ago. Nicola explained that when she arrived Make-A-Wish Foundation were working with another Salesforce Partner to develop their Salesforce platform. However when this Salesforce Partner could no longer carry out the work for Make-A-Wish, they found themselves in a potentially tricky situation.


Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland arrived at Cirrico looking to continue development of their Salesforce platform and empower their organisation, a Cirrico Managed Services package was the perfect solution. One of the key tasks that was required was for some automations to be fixed, and also some new ones to be created. The automations that needed to be created revolved around the wish making process, taking the wish applications from paper-based forms and creating an online form to replace these.


We asked Nicola how the automations built by Cirrico have improved the wish application process, she explained “By automating processes in Salesforce it helps us move away from paper based solutions and keeps all data safe and secure”.

Nicola continued to say that “With automation the wish making process is quicker. This implementation provides Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland with an improved experience for everybody involved. Benefiting the families, volunteers and donors”. Now more than ever, it is important that nonprofits move away from paper-based solutions where possible. This is a perfect example as to how Salesforce can help organisations achieve this.


A Managed Services package from Cirrico provides organisations, like Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland, with the capabilities to continuously improve their Salesforce platform. A Managed Services package from Cirrico is the perfect solution for those who are looking to develop their Salesforce platform, but the needs are not large enough to warrant a project.


A Managed Services package from Cirrico grants organisations access to a dedicated Consultant from Cirrico. The Consultants immerse themselves in the organisation’s Salesforce platform, enabling the consultant to know how best to move forward and improve the platform. Make-A-Wish worked with Will Dyer. When Nicola was asked how working with Will is, she stated “Working with Will is great, he has moved some of our paper-based forms to an online Salesforce form. It has made a huge impact on our processes”.


Due to the benefit of the implementations provided, through a Managed Service Package, Make-A-Wish Foundation Ireland and Cirrico continue to work together. Looking to increase the efficiency of their platform and accelerate the impact they make as an organisation.

Looking for support with your Salesforce system?

If you’re a nonprofit looking for support with your Salesforce system, then get in contact with the experts at Cirrico. A Managed Services package is the perfect solution for those who are requiring on-going support.

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