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Helping Solihull College and University Centre Build Relationships Using Salesforce

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Building relationships between colleges and bringing universities together.
Helping corporates and businesses understand, and offer apprenticeships.
Referring employers to colleges for specific courses.

Solihull College and University Centre lead a collaboration between 4 universities and 3 FE colleges in Birmingham and Solihull. The Institute of Technology will provide higher level technical skills to meet the skills shortages in the region through working with companies, and various organisations to find young people apprenticeships. Cirrico was the perfect implementation partner for Solihull College and University centre due to the fact that Cirrico is aligned to the UN SDG for Education, and we are passionate about supporting the young people hungry for their own technology careers to grow and flourish through finding the right opportunities.

With so many organisations, companies, staff and young people to manage the Institute of Technology needed a strong foundation in which to grow its organisations opportunities, courses and placement schemes. We spoke with Solihull College leading the project at the very start to understand what was important to them.


Solihull College and University Centre were looking to have a single source of the opportunities across all of their portfolio. For example, If one of the colleges can’t support the work of an employer/course a student wants to do, they can ensure that they can recommend the ways that another college/university can, and wanted all of the information to be captured by looking this up in Salesforce. They wanted to bring together the 7 colleges and universities to have one collective way of working, brand and formalise the collective group through one platform, whilst also gaining a  better insight into the products being used by employers.


Cirrico worked with Solihull College to ensure that their Salesforce platform could support the many areas of their colleges and universities needs within the Institute for Technology. We made sure that all of the opportunities could easily be accessed by the various Business Development Executives through sharing of data, despite there being many different organisations needing to access the information. For example all of the colleges, university staff members had different email addresses and organisations and it was important Cirrico took this into account to ensure that the permissions were easily editable by the Institutes core team.


Cirrico work tirelessly to ensure all projects have the greatest impact possible for clients, we are focused on accelerating  organisations work: When asked about the impact Salesforce had had and is going to have on the Institute Rosa Wells said: “Having Salesforce was a huge cultural shift for us as a team, bringing multiple teams together from various organisations across the West Midlands is a big piece of work, but it’s enabled us to cross sell business development opportunities to businesses, and also have a solid platform for  greater growth throughout 2022 and beyond. As we use Salesforce we know the system will be able to help us work more effectively by allowing us to set up campaigns to create more referrals driven through the CRM that our teams will then pick up, and work with young people on getting their apprenticeships moving quickly. Increasingly we will use the product knowledge and educate our business development team executives on all of the products across the entire West Midlands region, so that opportunities are not siloed by area”.


When Rosa was asked about the impact Salesforce has had on the students and organisations they service, she said “We’ve seen a growth in small short course growth thanks to referrals and data being tracked in Salesforce , which is a really engaging and positive sign that we are using the data in the best way possible, to help young people through our own technology!”.


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