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Data-driven Success: The Salesforce Journey of Spinal Research

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Increased donor engagement
Improved fundraising efficiency
Strengthened donor relationships

Spinal Research, a leading UK medical charity focused on spinal cord repair and restoration, sought to enhance donor engagement, fundraising efficiency, and donor relationships. They collaborated with Cirrico to implement Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Account Engagement, leading to transformative results.

We spoke with Dale Muffett, the Data and Integrations Manager at Spinal Research, to discuss how their Salesforce journey developed and how the platform is shaping the way that they work. To understand how Cirrico & Salesforce has impacted Spinal Research, it was important to understand the platforms and working methods that Spinal Research were previously using.


When Spinal Research arrived at Cirrico they were using an outdated CRM system that was holding back Spinal Research. Dale knew that to drive the nonprofits entire organisation forward, a new CRM system was needed. One which would provide Spinal Research with a 360 degree view of their organisation. Spinal Research were also using Mailchimp to send out emails, although this worked sufficiently, they were looking for a new platform with enhanced capabilities. One which would also integrate with their new CRM platform.


To help combat the issues that Spinal Research were facing, the expert consultants at Cirrico believed it would be best to implement Salesforce, specifically the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Account Engagement. The NPSP from Salesforce enables Spinal Research to streamline and gain a 360 degree view of all their data. Allowing them to enhance their marketing, fundraising, operations and so much more. Account Engagement empowers the marketing team at Spinal Research, allowing them to easily send out list emails with personalisation related to each recipient. Like all Salesforce products, Account Engagement also allows for incredible reporting and analytics. Ensuring that marketing communications can develop over time, ensuring that the most effective communication method and design is followed.


Due to the capabilities of Salesforce, the fundraising team at Spinal Research can now spend more time fundraising and less time carrying out administrative tasks. Dale estimates that through the implementation of Salesforce, the following impact has been made:

  • 3 hours of admin tasks saved per day
  • 4-6 hours of financial administrative tasks saved per month
  • £80,000 in savings projected by year 5

We wanted to understand not just how Salesforce is benefitting Spinal Research, but also how they found working with Cirrico and our dedicated consultants. We asked Dale how he found working with Cirrico, he explained that “Working with Cirrico has been easy. Slack has been a great tool for communication, anytime there has been an issue we have been able to tackle it and resolve the issue swiftly”. To help Dale and the team at Spinal Research make the most out of their Salesforce platform, Alex Reed trained Dale on their Salesforce platform. Dale shared “Alex was great at training, showing me the platform and how to use it, whilst also continuing to develop our platform for myself whenever I ran into any permission errors or blockers.”


Through working with Cirrico, Spinal Research has received a Salesforce CRM which provides them with an all-encompassing 360 degree view of their data. Allowing them to gain a greater insight into their donors than ever before. With the addition of Account Engagement, Spinal Research are now able to customise their marketing communications like never before.

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