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Centralising Client Data For Addiction Recovery Agency

Centralised Data Management
Improved Efficiency
Enhanced Collaboration

Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) is a national charity dedicated to addiction recovery and has been in existence for over 30 years. The charity passionately believes that people can change and recover with the right support and ARA’s mission.

The Vision

With a team of around 50 employees, ARA is currently supporting 12,000 people across their services. ARA has a vision to double this outreach and support 25,000 people by 2028. To meet this vision, ARA has identified the need to prioritise technology to allow for scalability without increasing their workforce.

The charity has a multifaceted approach and focus on drug, alcohol and gambling recovery and this is delivered in the form of different services including free counselling, housing support, resettlement support as well partnering with the likes of GamCare and opening up a cafe to create employment and volunteering opportunities for clients.


The Need

ARA’s existing technology solutions were fragmented. Users relied on shared desktops, hard drives, and two external databases over which they had no control. Users at all levels were unable to easily and quickly gain a single view of clients including their personal details and services they were benefiting from. Creating reports for funders was a task that would take the ARA team days due to data being stored in different places.

To achieve their mission and meet their vision, ARA identified the need for a robust and secure platform that could support their imminent needs around client management and also scale as they aim to double their services over the coming years. ARA also wanted to have the power to easily report on their awareness campaigns, whilst also having a platform which provides insights into their direct client intervention programs. 

ARA was looking for a robust CRM solution that could support their operation and client management needs, be scalable to accommodate their needs as they grow, and most importantly – a solution that could be easily adopted by all members of the organisation.

Ultimately ARA wanted to double their impact without doubling the work force to reach a wider reach and higher impact.


The Cirrico Solution

Cirrico’s Salesforce implementation, led by Alex Wallwork now gives ARA a 360-degree view of client data, from those seeking help to those the charity aims to educate.

Having Salesforce in place means that a number of spreadsheets have been made redundant. The system easily manages incoming referrals and the triaging of these. Salesforce has been integrated with Outlook email to ensure any relevant communications with partners is also tracked in one place.


Key Benefits

  • Centralised Data Management
    • Salesforce acts as a comprehensive repository for all client data, from MPs in Wales to local counsellors and citizen advice bureaus.
  • Improved Efficiency
    • The charity can now report to statutory bodies more efficiently, tracking the number of individuals they assisted annually. Allowing the insights and reports to be taken in real-time is a game changer for ARA
  • Enhanced Collaboration
    • With Salesforce, the charity receives a more participative and active CRM, allowing users to keep the records up-to-date with the latest information. 

Sean Kenny (Data Analyst & Systems Officer) praised the Cirrico team for their dedication and expertise. The proactive approach, regular updates, and the ability to translate complex CRM jargon into understandable terms stood out. While the charity was still in the early stages of Salesforce adoption, the initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Sean stated that, “Alex was brilliant every day of the period we worked with him. He always had something good to show me whenever we spoke with each other”

When asked if they would recommend Cirrico to other nonprofits, Sean Kenny had the following to say. “Working with Cirrico was simple, I would recommend Cirrico to others who are looking to implement Salesforce”.


ARA’s collaboration with Cirrico has marked the beginning of a new chapter in ARA’s operational efficiency and client management. With Salesforce, ARA is better equipped to serve their community, raise awareness, and drive their mission forward.

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