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Not a technical person? No worries! Here is THREE things to know about working on a Cirrico project

Whether you’re a technical person or not, the technological solutions Cirrico provides can be hugely beneficial to organisations. Cirrico Salesforce Consultants and Project Managers are amazing at what they do! They are able to help organisations and individuals no matter their level of technological expertise.

Cirrico recently completed a project for The Passage. Emma Noble, the Director of Income Generation and Communication of The Passage, said that “I’m not an overly technical person and the Salesforce journey was a learning curve for me”. Although Emma wasn’t the most technical person, The Passage and Emma’s Salesforce Journey was a successful one. Below are three things that occur during a Cirrico project which helps make the process as smooth and simple for everyone involved.

Define and Plan:

One of the first and most important stages of a Cirrico project is the Define and Plan stage. During this phase the client and the Cirrico Salesforce Consultants discuss what the desired outcome from the project is and how the Salesforce implementation can be moulded around their organisation. Often, for the less tech savvy individuals this provides them with a chance to understand just how powerful the technology can be and highlight how it can be tailored to their unique needs.


Communication Throughout The Project:

Throughout all of the project, clients can communicate with the team at Cirrico through the use of Slack. This means that clients can ask questions and get replies easily, without having to go back and forth through emails. This means that the less technical members of staff can get answers quickly, making the implementation journey so much smoother.


Training and Learning About Your New Technology:

Trailhead is a free and fun way to learn Salesforce, this allows for less tech savvy individuals to learn Salesforce at their own pace. The free platform allows individuals, such as Emma, to learn about Salesforce and take topical quizzes to test their knowledge. Emma said “Get onto Trailhead to start learning as I believe having the correct members of staff trained to use Salesforce is vitally important. Otherwise it’s like buying a car and not knowing how to drive”. The free platform is a great place for individuals to start learning about Salesforce and getting the grips with its capabilities, this means that when the implementation is completed they will have an understanding of how to make the most out of their investment.



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