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What You Need To Know About Pardot!

Generating and nurturing leads to the point of a successful conversion, whether that is a sale or donation, is an extremely difficult task that nonprofits face every day. It’s a very time consuming process, which if done incorrectly without the correct technology and processes can negatively impact leads. This is due to the fact that leads go through no standardised nurturing processes with consistent communications touchpoint.

Below are just some of the ways that Pardot can help nonprofits accelerate their impact.

Marketing Automation

Nonprofits using Pardot are provided with the ability to automate certain aspects of their marketing, helping them generate and nurture leads. Pardot can contact leads through certain actions once leads have made specific interactions. For example, an interested lead who fills out a form on a webpage could be sent an email about an upcoming event, such as a webinar, related to their interest. These automated touchpoints help build relationships between the organisation and the lead, helping reach the ultimate point of donation.


Ranking Leads

Pardot allows for potential leads to be scored based on their unique behaviour, the scoring system provides up-to-date feedback on their interactions with the organisations content. This allows nonprofits to change the way they approach certain leads, meaning that highly scored leads can be quickly contacted and develop them into donors.


Segment Your Data

Pardot gives nonprofits the ability to ‘slice and dice’ their contacts data list, this allows them to target a specific segment of their database. This means that nonprofits can target leads based on a certain criteria such as location, age, lead score and many more. An example of how this can be useful would be if a nonprofit was hosting a fundraiser in a certain location, they could then contact leads that live within a certain distance from the event. This means that they are only contacting potentially interested leads and not putting other leads off.


Email Marketing

A Pardot implementation means that organisations are provided with an inbuilt email builder, this provides nonprofits with a platform to easily create and send out emails to their leads. This allows them to target the leads that they have previously segmented for being highly scored, this provides the nonprofit with the best chance of converting a lead. The emails are easily created through a simple drag and drop or HTML, users can also gain insights into how their emails are performing through reports. This provides them with information on open rate, clickthrough rate, which buttons they click and other insights.


Find Out More

To find out more about Pardot, and specifically how a Cirrico implemented Pardot system can benefit your nonprofit click the button below.

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