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What You Need To Know About Accelerating Fundraising Through Technology

Introduction To NPSP

All charitable organisations  can apply for 10 free Salesforce licences that allow you to utilise the Salesforce platform and the NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP). Why should that interest you? Because NPSP is an app that will massively extend your Salesforce functionality and give you a one-stop shop for constituent relationship management, donation & recurring gift management, a 360 degree view of your supporters and stakeholders as well as all of your interactions with them and the power to easily and effectively report and gain insights on it all!

NPSP is owned and managed by but the functionality and content is driven by Salesforce professionals and end users around the world. Not only does the core Salesforce platform receive automatic updates and improvements 3 times a year, so does NPSP. This means you can expect constant iterations and improvements rather than a static product, allowing you to scale, grow and innovate with Salesforce and NPSP.


What Difference NPSP Has/Can Made/Make To Your Organisation And Team And How It Has Accelerated Fundraising At Your Organisation

One of the most common things we hear from customers regarding their fundraising operations is that data quickly becomes siloed in different databases with different structures. Gatekeepers of this data can emerge, making an operation that should be transparent and collaborative less efficient and less successful.

Salesforce and NPSP provide a common structure for your data, ensuring that you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for, review previous interactions that colleagues have had with an individual or organisation and collaborate within Salesforce using Chatter. Achieving this holistic view of your donors & supporters and personalising your communications with them can inspire loyalty, continued support and frequent giving.

Automate your moves management strategy by building engagement plans based on criteria that you define to ensure that no potential or existing donor falls through the cracks. Use Salesforce’s powerful reporting engine to manage your donations and income effectively, perhaps by subscribing to reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – even loop your senior management team in by building detailed dashboards that they can subscribe to as well.


What Advice Would You Give To Another Nonprofit About Accelerating Fundraising Through Salesforce?

  • Get involved in the community
    • Salesforce is an extremely well supported platform and NPSP enjoys an incredible cult following. Extensive documentation is available for all things Salesforce, including NPSP. You also have the Trailblazer community where you can ask questions and get answers from your peers
  • Do your research
    • Use Trailhead to get to grips with all of the functionality that is available with NPSP, for example the Fundraise with Nonprofit Cloud Trail. Trailhead is Salesforce’s free online learning platform where you can complete quizzes and hands on projects to earn points and badges, and most importantly, level up your Salesforce knowledge and skills
  • Work on your processes
    • Using Salesforce and NPSP can offer huge benefits to your organisation and you should view moving to this new functionality as a chance to reset and redefine the way that you work. Remove the shackles of tradition and start blazing new trails!

What Tools Can You Use To Accelerate Your Fundraising Through Technology ?

  • Grant Management Module: enables grantmakers to manage their philanthropic giving, including recording and reporting on all funding applications and reviewing the progress of awarded grants
  • Outbound Funds Module: track disbursements and grants against funding applications to gain insight on your financial commitments and manage disbursements effectively
  • Experience Cloud: provide a great digital experience for your constituents. An interactive & secure online space where supporters can engage with your organisation, take ownership of their personal information and build a strong relationship with you
  • Accounting Subledger: prepares your fundraising information for your accounting system & saves time on reconciliation of revenue and payment data
  • FormAssembly: a third party app that enables you to build easily customisable forms that can be integrated with Salesforce. For example, you could build your donation forms on FormAssembly, so when the form is submitted, data is automatically submitted to Salesforce

Find More Apps

Find more apps that can extend the functionality of Salesforce and NPSP on the Salesforce AppExchange

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