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Migrate Salesforce Workflow Rules & Process Builder To Flow

Later this year Workflow Rules and Process Builder will no longer be able to be edited, unless these automations are converted to Flow.

Salesforce focus is for all future automations to be carried out on Flow. This means that Flow will become the only tool that Salesforce users create and carry out automations on, Flow is the right platform for the future to not only build out workflows and process but also maintain and grow them as the demands change. Cirrico’s managed service team is already working with many clients to help them update their automation.


Flow offers better performance than the other automation tools, enabling users to refine and streamline high-volume automation via features such as Rollups with more objects, Scheduled automations, and Entry Conditions (to speed up your Salesforce system).


Flow also allows for better error handling, troubleshooting, and debugging. Users can now click straight from an error email into the Flow and see the path that was run. Flow also offers extensibility with Invocable Actions and Sub-Flows, organisations can create re-usable assets with their automations and use them around their org to standardise common interactions.


Before migrating all Workflow Rules and Process Builder automations to Flow, it is important to review the automations so that you can decide whether they are needed or if they are out-dated and can be removed. Currently there is no date for when Workflow Rules and Process Builder will be retired, before they are retired it will be made so that new automations can not be created on these platforms. This is why it is important for organisations to become familiar with creating new automations on Flow.


We understand that for an organisation who lack Salesforce expertise, moving all automations to Flow can be a daunting task. However, the best way for organisations to plan for the future is to move all of their automations to Flow. This means that it is vital for organisations to be best prepared for the transition to Flow, an area that here at Cirrico we are experts in. If your organisation lacks a Salesforce expert then moving automations to Flow could be an extremely time consuming task, filled with errors and could result in the automations failing.


We're Salesforce Experts!

Here at Cirrico we offer training for Salesforce and also offer Managed Services, these are both options for organisations who require assistance and help when it comes to migrating Salesforce Workflow Rules and Process Builder to Flow.

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