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Salesforce is a CRM that is used worldwide. The likes of Amazon, Spotify and many Government organisations, use Salesforce to manage their organisations. Alongside them are 1000s of non-for-profits, charities and membership organisations, that use Salesforce to manage all aspects of the membership lifecycle.

Manage Membership Through Salesforce


We know funders have huge amounts of applications, reporting, data and administration needs. We understand that efficiency is key as well as having all data in one place so that you can do more with the team you have. We want to help foundations and grant-making organisations do more through technology.


It’s not uncommon for us to help people within grant-making organisations move away from spreadsheets, paper-based systems and various other areas which are time-consuming. We also work with clients closely to automate many aspects saving them precious hours to do the more important, human-centered work.

Deal With New Joiners And Renewal Payments On Salesforce

Whether it’s Direct Debit or One-off card payments. Salesforce can process payments with ease. At Cirrico, we can help create a personalised membership payment experience. Putting branding front and centre, making a membership campaign the focus. At Cirrico, we know that converting people to members is what drives revenue, so all our solutions are customised with that in mind.


Create A Customisable Onboarding Process For New Members

We know that getting someone to become a member is often the start of the journey. Getting an individual to volunteer, campaign and get involved in the organisation, is just as important as their membership fee. Using Salesforce email notifications and Pardot, we can help build customisable email campaigns with definable actions so that the results can be seen as soon as the email goes out.


Forecast Future Revenue And Renewals

Using reports and dashboards allows for income and future revenue to be seen at a glance. Being able to view when members will be paying their renewals whilst also being able to see any pitch points, when a lot of members are due to come to the end of their membership, is incredibly helpful in targeting renewal efforts to particular points of the year.


Manage Membership On Salesforce

We understand that nonprofits can struggle to manage and communicate with their members if they do not have the right platform in place, below are a list of issues that a nonprofit could face without having a platform like Salesforce.


Time-consuming administration


Data and reporting is difficult and poor


Insights and reporting takes a huge amount of time


Time consuming assessments, which aren’t always recorded in one place

Benefits Of Using Salesforce To Manage Members

Salesforce is a suite of reusable, smart, and modular applications designed to connect clients with service providers. An open platform that can interface with any system, configured to strengthen user and beneficiary engagement, and improve program outcomes. Below are some of the benefits associated with using Salesforce to manage memberships. 


Integration with online marketing software and tools


Save time answering questions by directing them to an online portal of knowledge


Cloud based software enables things to auto save


Opportunity for engagement through discussion groups

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Auditory Verbal UK  they had some very nice things to say about us.

I would describe Salesforce as taking everyone’s knowledge, the stories and information stored in everyone’s minds, and sharing so everyone has access to it.

Gary Rainbird - Auditory Verbal UK

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