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Do You Need Support With Your Salesforce?

Once Salesforce has been implemented for an organisation there could be potential areas where on-going support would be extremely useful. Being able to solve and troubleshoot Salesforce issues swiftly is vitally important, this is where Cirrico can help. Our managed services are not just available to organisations we implemented Salesforce for, but for every organisation requiring support with their Salesforce.

Cirrico provides Managed Services for organisations, with the aim of accelerating their Impact with hands-on work from our experts to help them grow. This includes enhancements, configuration, development and testing and training. We also carry out monthly reviews where work is discussed and see what should be prioritised next, discussing how the target budget will be used to make the most impact.


All Cirrico Managed Service clients have access to certain benefits. The first of these is access to the Cirrico community, this allows for clients and Cirrico to collaborate on a backlog of work. Secondly, clients are provided with a weekly backlog call that allows them to refine requirements, prioritise and plan delivery. Clients are also provided with monthly nonprofit interactive events, these are immersive meetings with other nonprofits to share ideas. Finally, clients gain access to Art Of The Possible exclusive content, this includes videos and interviews from technology and nonprofit leaders. When we worked with The Asfari Foundation, the programmes assistant Mohamed Eisa said “The Managed Services that we receive from Cirrico has definitely been of good value to us. Helping us improve our Salesforce system whilst also up-skilling our staff as we now know how to solve Salesforce issues that we didn’t before”.


When we spoke to Ovoke, a Managed Services Consultant for Cirrico, she said “I know that sometimes people have Salesforce implemented by various organisations and often need a nonprofit or responsible business expert consultant to look at their systems. We love working with organisations that want to work with a more tailored partner like Cirrico, that can understand their needs quickly, get to the root of problems or challenges fast and offer solutions. I take pride in knowing that I’ve helped to accelerate their impact and work”. Ovoke is an expert when it comes to managed services and she is amazing at what she does! When she worked with The Asfari Foundation, Mohamed Eisa said “Ovoke was excellent, she was very patient. We’re not Salesforce people, she was able to keep things as simple as possible and help us work through several issues we were experiencing. It helped me understand the system better and improve my knowledge of how the system functions”.


When asked if Mohamed had any advice for other organisations thinking about investing in a managed services package, he said “My advice to similar small-sized nonprofits interested in using Salesforce as a CRM/GMS would be to ensure they factor in the resources required to ensure they have the right specialised support to make the best use of the system. A Managed Service contract with Cirrico has enabled us to fill that Salesforce technical experience gap and ensure we keep our system running and don’t suffer interruptions to our operations”.


Do you require on-going support with your Salesforce system? If so then contact us by clicking the button below!

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