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Looking To Improve Your Grant Making Capabilities?

Salesforce technologies can be an extremely powerful tool for nonprofits. Here at Cirrico we are experts at implementing Salesforce for nonprofits, working with organisations across a variety of sectors and all different sizes.

The Asfari Foundation was established in 2006, focused on creating a long-term impact that is centred around the building of a strong civil society which is the foundation for any fair, resilient, sustainable and productive society in the Levant. 

We helped the Asfari Foundation automate and make their grant management process much more efficient. This helped reduce the amount of manual admin time that was needed to process a grant application, benefiting all parties involved. Through helping the Asfari Foundation we showcased the amazing capabilities a well designed Salesforce system can have, due to this we have developed a great relationship and continue to work together through a Cirrico Managed Services Package. If you’d be interested in gaining support with your Salesforce system, then get in contact with Cirrico.


Global Youth Mobilization is a movement of young people taking action to improve their lives in a post-pandemic world. The project is powered by the Big Six Youth Organisations and is supported by the World Health Organisation and United Nations Foundation.

To help Global Youth Mobilization Cirrico implemented; Nonprofit Starter Pack, Grant Management Module, Experience Cloud and FormAssembly. This combination of solutions has enabled Global Youth Mobilization to make their grant application process  and ability to respond incredibly smooth. 

Salesforce provides the panellists with all of the grant applications for them to review, they then answer questions regarding the project; questions such as are the outcomes & activities achievable? Is the application youth led? Does the project adhere to Covid guidelines? Most importantly, should the project be funded? The platform enables the panellists to add comments regarding the project, such as potential advice on how they can achieve funding and where they need to make improvements for future applications.

Ashley Tee explained “The best part of our Salesforce platform is that everything is in one place, on previous projects we’ve had spreadsheets with information on and this made finding the data difficult. Now if someone needs the information I can just send them the Salesforce link”


Kings College Hospital Charity are one of London’s largest and busiest teaching hospitals, with a strong profile of local services primarily serving the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Bromley.

When we first spoke with Kings College Hospital Charity they were working in ways which hampered their efficiency levels. This included multiple manual tasks, and information being stored on paper. These factors made working collaboratively difficult, it was Cirricos job to remove these boundaries and allow Kings College Hospital Charity to work effectively as a team.

Through the Salesforce solutions which Cirrico implemented, Kings College Hospital Charity received a robust relationship management system and a grant management solution. These new implementations and solutions, specifically for grant management, have helped significantly improve efficiencies around reviews for grant applications. This has provided not just improvements and benefits for Kings College Hospital Charity, but also the grantees and users as they are now receiving a significantly improved experience.

As with all Salesforce applications, Kings College Hospital Charity now have the ability to run real time reports and analysis. Allowing them to gain a real time snapshot of the organisation.


The ICAS Foundation supports young people from disadvantaged communities to study accounting and finance at undergraduate degree level. The Foundation relies on the financial support of ICAS and its members to carry out its charitable work.

When ICAS Foundation first met with Cirrico there was a clear issue that they were facing, they were really struggling to work effectively with just the Microsoft Excel Platform. Cirrico knew that a Salesforce implementation would help them achieve their top line objectives, increasing donor engagement, increasing fundraising, increasing impact for young people, and allowing their small team to work more efficiently.

Only using Excel to store information made working collaboratively very difficult, with different variations of information being stored on a variety of sheets. This also made certain tasks tedious at times, with no ability to automate administrative tasks.


The Earthshot Prize is a global challenge based on five Earthshots, ambitious goals for 2030 to fix our biggest environmental problems. Goals that Cirrico also fully support as we are aligned with the UN SDG of climate action.

The Earthshot Prize came to Cirrico wanting to gain access to a single source of truth on their data. They also wanted to migrate existing data from another database and platform into a new CRM.

Through the implementation of Salesforce, specifically Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), this solution enables The Earthshot prize to gain a 360 degree view of their organisation. As with all Salesforce solutions, users are empowered with the ability to gain a real time insight into any part of their organisation through detailed reports. 

Salesforce allows The Earthshot Prize to improve the experience for everyone involved, Official Nominators, organisations nominated, and helping the team at The Earthshot Prize select the winners. 

If you’re interested in seeing the recent winners of this years Earthshot Prize Awards, then click here.


Interested in implementing Salesforce?

If you are interested in implementing Salesforce then contact the experts a Cirrico.

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