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The importance of a Define and Plan

When starting a project with Cirrico, one of the most important steps that takes place is the Define and Plan, this phase of a Cirrico project ensures that clients get exactly what they are looking for on the first try. During the Define and Plan the client will meet with their Project Manager, Salesforce Consultant and Delivery Manager.

The Define and Plan phase of a project provides the client and the team at Cirrico with time to discuss the project, find out what the purpose of implementing Salesforce is, and highlight the capabilities of Salesforce. This allows for a scope of the project to be outlined, this is where all the content of the project is discussed and noted. Mathew from FaithInvest said that “At the very start of the process we underwent a Define and Plan and this was vital to the success of the implementation. During this stage in the Define and Plan we spoke with Cirrico’s Senior Salesforce Consultant, Janaid Iqbal and Account Executive Killian Sheehan and together they really helped us understand exactly what was possible and helped Cirrico understand exactly what we were looking for ”.


Undergoing a Define and Plan ensures that a project goes as smooth as possible, Mathew explained that “This was a hugely important step in our journey and it is definitely worth taking the time to undergo a define and plan, if not you will definitely pay for it in the future as the implementation would not be smooth”. Mathew went on the say that “We had a list of all the specifications and requirements we needed, Janaid really showed us what solutions would work best and how they could be customised for FaithInvest, which showed us the value of having a Define and Plan with Cirrico, we were able to do so much more because of that”. This highlights the fact that our Salesforce experts will always go above and beyond to ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible and that the clients understand what is happening every step of the way.


The Define and Plan phase gives clients the time to ask Cirrico’s Salesforce experts about the capabilities of the platform, this allows the client to discover just how amazing Salesforce can be. Zoe Abbot from StreetVet said that “I was really anxious about implementing a brand new solution that I didn’t understand fully. I was acutely aware that I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I was also worried that I wouldn’t be following best practices and tried and tested methods. Ultimately I was frightened of ending up with a tool that wouldn’t/couldn’t be used by the team, that added little ROI and cost us a lot of money to implement. However Ellie quickly put my mind at rest. It was clear from the beginning that she was hugely experienced”. This shows just how beneficial the Define and Plan phase can be at resolving any issues and anxieties a client may be experiencing.


If you’re interested in implementing Salesforce then contact Cirrico, we have an excellent team of Salesforce experts who would love to help!

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