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Implementing Pardot With Cirrico

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that enables marketers to identify prospective customers that are most likely to purchase a product or service. This is done by communicating with prospects in the right channel, at the right time. Pardot aims to treat each prospect as an individual, nurturing them through their journey as they get familiar with a product or service, at their own pace.

Pardot for The Leprosy Mission Trading:

The Leprosy Mission Trading (TLMT) were previously struggling to send out list emails in an efficient manner, whilst also ensuring they were adhering to GDPR. They had multiple mailing lists, having to manually remove duplicates and individuals who had opted out of their mailing list. Amanda Norman said “this made it tedious and time consuming to perform clever marketing and develop consumer journeys”.

Once TLMT had Pardot, this all became a much smoother process. One of the added benefits of using Pardot is that duplicates are easily removed from mailing lists and individuals who have previously opted out are instantly removed from the mailing lists. This saves The Leprosy Mission Trading valuable time and streamlines the process of sending out emails. The platform allows for customer journeys to be developed and for emails to be scheduled across a customer’s journey.


Pardot for Reaseheath College:

Reaseheath College communicates with prospective students during essential stages of the admissions process. We implemented Pardot to help Reaseheath College and ensure this process was smooth and efficient. We designed a system which provided the college with a template to ensure that all of their emails are automatically branded. This makes Reaseheath Colleges email campaigns near effortless, as the platform also syncs with their Sales Cloud data.


Pardot for The Careers and Enterprise Company:

The Careers and Enterprise Company were already using Salesforce to connect schools and colleges with employers and careers programmes. Aiming to inform and inspire students and direct them, purposefully, towards their future careers. However they were struggling with creating and delivering email campaigns. They wanted to deliver enhanced customer journeys and improve engagement. 

We provided The  Careers and Enterprise Company with customisable templates to create emails, landing pages, and web forms. They also wanted an automated process to capture and organise form response data. We enabled all of this by carefully marrying Pardot with the current CRM system.


Interested in Pardot

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