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How Managed Services Can Help You!

Managed Service at Cirrico it’s a brilliant way to supplement your current technical set up.

What difference can a Managed Services package from Cirrico provide?

With so much expertise in the not-for-profit and the third sector. We understand the challenges that organisations like yours are going through. We can also draw on a raft of solutions that myself and the team have built. Meaning that not only are solutions brought to your organisations much faster but also with a greater technical depth of knowledge combined with the industry expertise that our staff hold.

We can provide training for your staff on your salesforce set up, it doesn’t even have to be one that we have built. We can also integrate third-party applications and advise on which ones would be best for your organisation. We can set up online portals, create automation (including scheduled emails) and let you know about the latest updates and new features that salesforce are bringing in.


Where has Managed Services helped others?

  • Add a new automation functionality to your current salesforce environment – as organisations change and evolve their internal systems need to do so as well. We can help and support you throughout this process scoping out the requirements, designing and building solutions, and training you and your team that how to maintain and use these automations.
  • Give training to your staff and/or volunteers. This does not necessarily need to be on just the elements that we have built, but your pre-existing solution as well. We can also provide training on third-party apps that we frequently integrate in with salesforce. Such as Mailchimp, Form Assembly and Findock
  • Provide you with relevant updates and new solutions that are being brought out by salesforce, salesforce has up to 4 releases a year. These consist of hundreds of pages of documents and often hundreds of features of added into salesforce orgs just like yours. As salesforce consultants we go through these release notes as an organisation and identify several key elements that will be useful for our particular clients. Meaning that you don’t miss out on additional functionality.

Witnessing progress throughout a customers journeys

The most rewarding progress that I’ve seen a client make is when there is something that they weren’t able to do (or too afraid to do) with their salesforce system, that they weren’t able to do before. This might be creating a bit of small automation, adding in fields and objects. Clients that are inquisitive and curious, will get the most out of Managed Service. They will learn new skills and make more informed decisions as a result. 


How would you advise people looking to have a Managed Services partner?

Before you even start engaging with Managed Service partners, have a plan as to what you would be wanting them to do within the first few months. Breaking it down into what you would want a salesforce partner should do by three months, six months, and 12 months. This will be really beneficial in outlining the expectations that you have of yourself or partner and how your salesforce partner should approach the work that they want you to do.

Furthermore, having a named decision-makers (between 2–3), able to marshal the internal tickets and decide on what is important for the organisation. Whilst also gaining more knowledge about the system to make more informed choices about how certain internal tasks should be approached will be incredibly beneficial. A Managed Service from any partner, unless it provides you with full time embedded staff within your organisation, will not have the insight that your staff will have. Also, in powering your staff and giving them the training in order for them to advise other staff in your organisation will make sure that your organisation runs much more smoothly. As you have quicker access to technical resources within your organisation.


Want to accelerate your impact?

If you’re interested in receiving a Managed Services package from Cirrico, or have any questions regarding a Managed Services package then get in contact with us now!

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