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How Managed Services Can Help You!

Managing an organisations Salesforce implementation is a crucial investment for any organisation. Many recognise this and hire an external consulting firm to help with that management. This is where Cirrico comes in. Combining expertise with years of experience, we continue to excel in delivering first class managed service offerings to our customers, primarily from the non-profit sector.

What difference can a Managed Services package from Cirrico provide?

At Cirrico, we have a diverse skills set covering all core clouds and other more bespoke ones, including skills in third-party tools. This is often a challenge for many organisations as it’s nearly impossible to hire staff who have all required skill sets needed to maintain their Salesforce Instance. 

There are regular Salesforce releases and updates that are vital for every organisation with a Salesforce Instance. At Cirrico, we  ensure that our customers’ Instances remain up to date with regular Salesforce updates.

As organisations grow, so do demands for more system enhancements and  functionalities. By using our in-house experts, we identify ways and come up with solutions  to scale current technology,  so continuous adjustments can be made to the current Salesforce Instance.


Where has Managed Services helped others?

  • We provide bespoke and generic Salesforce Training that your users need. These could be in a group or individual format. We use a wide range of training and presentation tools including video and image apps. The training centers around equipping your users to better understand how to use Salesforce functionalities to meet your Business needs.
  • We carry out health checks and recommend areas that measures need to be taken to avert immediate and future issues
  • We proactively provide improvements to your Salesforce Instance that would increase your users’ experience and interface. In addition, these improvements align with  your business processes. This includes reviewing your current automations and seeking out ways to improve them.

Witnessing progress throughout a customers journeys

There’s nothing more frustrating for a user than to encounter errors when using Salesforce and not know how to solve it; or worse, if the bug stops the user from performing his/her role. Helping users work through  errors, showing them what went wrong and rectifying the issue always puts a smile on their faces, which in turn,  puts a smile on mine.

I always remember the Tesco slogan that says ‘every little helps’ when I build a simple automation to help users do their tasks effortlessly, or help users build much needed Dashboards that easily showcase their metrics; and I see the ‘wow’ in their eyes.


How would you advise people looking to have a Managed Services partner?

If you are considering hiring a Salesforce Managed Service partner, here are some questions to consider:

What are your top priorities for wanting Managed Service? Is it bug fixes, system enhancements, training  or future mini projects?

How long do you envisage needing managed service? Bear in mind that it becomes cost effective over a longer period of time.


Interested in a Managed Services package from Cirrico?

If you’re interested in receiving a Managed Services package from Cirrico, or have any questions regarding a Managed Services package then get in contact with us now!

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