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How Can Technology Help Businesses Become More Sustainable?

The conversation around sustainability has really changed in the last decade, and the move towards the use of sustainable technologies and generally living and working in a sustainable way is approaching critical mass. Consumers are increasingly likely to engage with organisations and brands that hold the same values as them and those values are now prone to include a commitment to sustainable practices and a positive impact on the environment.

Growing awareness of the dangers of global warming have led to The Paris Agreement as well as The Environment Act, and the need for sustainability is regularly becoming front page news as we grapple with freak weather conditions that further damage our ecosystems and communities. So we’re now moving from an attitude that sustainability is a ‘nice to have’ towards it being a ‘must do’. Fortunately, technological innovations and advances are happening at an exponential pace as the Fourth Industrial Revolution really takes off.


The advancement of cloud computing has brought with it huge advances in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, engineering and big data, as well as so many more areas of study that facilitate more sustainable business practices. Obvious examples of this might include the shift toward electronic vehicles, however technology can facilitate process optimisation, innovation, transparency and reduction of emissions in various other ways. Such as AI-driven agriculture methods, circular products that alter consumer behaviour to encourage recycling or up-cycling, and technological efficiencies to business practices. Allowing for less water consumption and less emissions.


Lack of transparency and visibility of the relevant data is a blocker to a lot of organisations becoming more sustainable, but this will change very soon. Carbon accounting and emissions tracking tools can give you the data and insights that you need in order to drive efficiencies and cultural change to become more sustainable.


Cirrico is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on climate action. We therefore have a keen interest in Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud product, which can be used to measure and report on greenhouse gas emissions, allowing organisations to work towards becoming a sustainable business and reducing their carbon footprint.


We would be delighted to discuss potential solutions for your carbon accounting and emissions tracking needs. For further information on Net Zero Cloud click the button below!

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