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Experiencing The Cirrico Culture During A Project

Here at Cirrico we believe our culture is one of our biggest assets. This is highlighted through the fact that Cirrico were shortlisted for The UK Company Culture Awards 2022. When working with organisations we try to carry this culture through to our projects and ensure that the organisation has a great experience working with Cirrico.

Our staff are the best reflection of our culture and it is great to hear customer feedback and praise about the team at Cirrico. When working with FaithInvest, Mathew Jenson had this to say about working with Cirrico “Janaid fully immersed himself in FaithInvest and understood what we were wanting to achieve, this was a huge reason as to why the development of the portal was successful, this is going to mean FaithInvest is able to help so many people collaborate around the world in a meaningful way enabling FaithInvest to be a bridge to so many investors working on social missions”. This shows the level of commitment from Cirrico staff to support and ensure a project’s success.


We also understand that not everybody we work with are Salesforce experts, that’s where our understanding team are great at being able to support the needs of individuals who are new to Salesforce. Mohamed Eisa said “Ovoke was excellent, she was very patient. We’re not Salesforce people, she was able to keep things as simple as possible and help us work through several issues we were experiencing. It helped me understand the system better and improve my knowledge of how the system functions”. Having staff who are able to communicate with individuals with any level of Salesforce knowledge is a great asset. Any organisation we work with instantly feels comfortable getting used to Salesforce and learning how it can be beneficial to their organisation.


After working with organisations they can’t believe that they didn’t make the decision to work with Cirrico sooner. Zoe Abbotts from StreetVet explained “I wish that StreetVet worked with Cirrico and implemented Salesforce years ago! Salesforce works like a dream and really does help reduce the time taken to carry out certain tasks by hours”. This highlights the need to have the technology and implementation partner to help support your organisation sooner rather than later.


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