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Elevating WaterAid’s Fundraising with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

With the goal of amplifying their impact, WaterAid America has recently partnered with Cirrico, a dedicated Salesforce implementation partner specialising in working with nonprofits. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionise WaterAid’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through the use of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud. With a core vision of fostering transparency, enhancing efficiency, and insightful performance analysis for the fundraising team. This collaboration is poised to propel WaterAid’s mission of promoting global access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to new heights.

Increasing Efficiency Across The Board

The primary goal of this partnership is the transition to a more robust and insightful fundraising platform, moving away from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce. This transition will unlock a number of efficiencies especially in handling CSV uploads and downloads, significantly reducing the IT support workload. Moreover, the new setup will provide a 360-degree view of donor data, enabling a data-driven engagement approach, which is instrumental in creating an enhanced donor experience and journey.


A Global Pioneer on Nonprofit Cloud

WaterAid is among the first nonprofits globally to leverage the newest fundraising functionality of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. This project, meticulously planned around the release of Nonprofit Cloud, is not merely a system upgrade; it’s a complete paradigm shift designed to skyrocket WaterAid’s fundraising capabilities. The ability to have a more detailed and organised view of fundraising segments and donor journeys is a game-changer in optimising the allocation of resources and ensuring that every donation makes a significant stride towards attaining WaterAid’s mission.


Nurturing a Fruitful Partnership Through In-person Workshops

The understanding between Cirrico and WaterAid was significantly enriched through the delivery of workshops held in the WaterAid New York City offices, with a morning spent at the Salesforce Tower in New York. Where a demonstration of the art of the possible was done. This in-person interaction was a catalyst in understanding and aligning the fundraising targets and strategies, thereby laying a robust foundation for the project. The workshop also played a pivotal role in showcasing demos and creating a proof of concept, which has been instrumental in shaping a promising roadmap for achieving the project’s objectives.


Tailoring a Fundraising Narrative Through Key User Stories

A major aspect of this project is the integration of the Classy donation platform into Nonprofit Cloud, creating the potential to map out diverse donor journeys. The project also places a spotlight on individual, major, and corporate donor segments, providing enriched reports and insights on donation trends and impacts.


Working with Cirrico

Katherine Crider, Chief of Staff at WaterAid America, shared that. “WaterAid America is thrilled to enlist the support of Cirrico and Salesforce to upgrade our CRM. The combined firepower of this dynamic duo will give our hardworking fundraisers greater transparency, efficiency and stronger performance insights. This will ensure donations are maximised in support of our mission to promote access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene worldwide.”


The relationship between Cirrico and WaterAid is a great example of how nonprofits can partner with expert organisations to support them in implementing the technological enablers that accelerate them on their path to achieving their mission through digital transformation. WaterAid, with the support of Cirrico, is not just embracing a CRM upgrade, but a holistic transformation that is bound to have a ripple effect in advancing global access to clean water and sanitation.

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