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Saving time through email Automisation with Pardot and Marketing Cloud

Safiyyah Gareeboo is a Marketing expert at Cirrico, she has run large  email marketing and Salesforce implementations during her career. This week she is presenting at Fundraising Everywhere’s event Data Slam! 

She’s prepared some interesting tips and information sharing her knowledge and expertise about making your fundraising and marketing work seamlessly together!

Are you marketing and fundraising teams siloed? This is fairly common and can often lead to data frustrations… A CRM has the power to pool resources from each team whilst meeting your individual needs and remaining data secure. This week Safiyyah, Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cirrico has shared at Data Slam key issues fundraisers face and has provided tips on how to overcome them to achieve better data quality across your organisation. Working together will help you and your data be more impactful!

Safiyyah is a Marketing and CRM Consultant with a background in Higher Education. Her career started in social media and email marketing, using a wide range of tools in consumer industries and universities. Whilst working across multiple university departments, she saw first-hand just how segmented data can be and understands the impact that has on day to day work. Safiyyah has been a Salesforce Consultant for a number of years, specialising in Marketing Automation and aligning teams through multi-product implementations, striving to use technology as a force for good.


Have you experienced that situation where you want to launch a campaign and are well under way with the planning before realising that key information is missing? Often it’s incomplete, stored in another system or owned by another team and that can create big problems.

Working with nonprofits at Cirrico, I see this come up a lot during “Discovery” sessions, which are intended to really understand your organisation and requirements. Gaps or issues in data can often come up when implementing a new system or having someone like a third party consultant take a birds-eye-view of your systems. Our solutions will seek to resolve these issues and in this article, I’ll share advice based on aligning marketing and fundraising teams.

  1. Review often. The biggest and first step is always to review your data and do this as an organisation if possible. Having representation from all teams will really help identify areas which can be improved for everyone. After the initial review process, make a point of keeping that dialogue going on a regular basis to review changes.
  2. Collaborate! This is crucial and an ongoing step really. It can happen where each team is collecting similar data and storing it in different places. As much as you can, share and store it together so that each team can help fill potential gaps for the other. This is especially useful across marketing and fundraising teams, where you are likely relying on similar touch points to engage with your donors.
  3. Share data where possible. As mentioned, you ideally want your data stored in as few places as possible. Salesforce offers very good solutions to allow for this, whilst also maintaining security if some restrictions need to be in place.

Here are a few tips on ways in which you can customise your Salesforce organisation to work for multiple teams:

  • Profiles come with some out of the box, but you can customise these to meet the permissions needed by people in your organisation. This can then be used to further tailor other features throughout Salesforce.
  • A simple solution can be customising your Page Layouts to factor in sections for each team. These can be closed off by those who don’t use them often, but is still accessible across the organisation.
  • Field Level Security will provide control over who can read or edit fields. This can be really useful for fine-tuning based on Profiles.

If you’re hungry to learn more and upskill your fundraising you really need to join Salesforce’s Trailhead platform! Here we are able to learn about anything and everything related to Salesforce, and things such as Google Analytics for free, it’s like a free online university for people wanting to advance in their technology journeys. It’s basis is learning through trails, and each trail teaches you something new which is very exciting!

Here is a bespoke trail that you can complete as an introduction to Salesforce and aligning your marketing and fundraising teams!

Speak to the Cirrico team to find out more about how this could work for you. We are happy to support you in any of the steps outlined above and can provide training on how to implement these changes.

You can also connect with Safiyyah on LinkedIn here to chat to her about what you enjoyed at Data Slam 2021


Where to begin?

To learn more about The Art of the Possible and how Cirrico can help develop a technology strategy fit for your organisation, please get in touch.

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